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Biped Report 1999

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December 31 - Saw in the New Year with a micro-beagle and a mini-beagle.

November 28 - drive back from Groton, NY to Columbus. Stopped at two Finger Lakes on the way, at Watkins Glen and Hammondsport. Lunch and cheese at Cuba, NY.

November 29 - looking through Michelin green guide to the Dordogne - planning next year's vacation. Trip out to Cortland airport. Standing rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, and Bass beer - a Thanksgiving weekend tradition (it is now).

November 26 - saw the gliding museum and warplane museum at Elmira, NY. Gliders are very interesting, all you need is an engine and you could fly places. Saw deer at very close quarters, a few feet in front of the car after sudden braking.

November 25 - long drive, sunset over lake at Longs Point Park, Aurora, NY.

November 10 - defeated by Chipotle hot burrito, the first time any chain restaurant has served us genuinely hot food.

November 7 - lunch at the Sausage Haus, German Village. We had ... sausage.

November 4 - invited to traditional Kahiki dinner. Where else can you get bits of chicken served skewered and flaming on a sword, with a bubbling cocktail assembly containing dry ice?.

October 31 - boardwalk at Maumee Bay park.

October 30 - saw air-tel at Fremont airport, a remarkable combination of bed and hangar. Afternoon driving turbo golf cart around Kelly's Island. Saw the best glacial grooves we'd ever seen.

October 16 - Anne flew out to the apple festival in Coshocton.

October 10 - visited by a 9 week old beagle.

October 9 - big catered dinner.

October 8 - drove out to Pittsburgh.

September 11 - flight up to Akron, home of the Rubber Bowl and an enormous blimp hangar.

September 5 - saw the majestic Taughannock Falls near Ithaca, NY. Actually, more of a dribble than a waterfall after months of drought.

August 29 - A 5 mph canal boat trip towed by horses and an "exciting" night flight with blustery winds and turbulence.

August 28 - Anne takes me for my first Ohio flight to Mansfield, Ohio. (Sometimes called "The Mansfield of the New World".)

August 14 - 600 mile drive out to the other coast, scenic New Jersey.

August 7 - returned to Columbus.

August 6 - Saw giant sequoias. Anne took me flying out of Fresno (FAT).

August 5 - Spent the night in Yosemite lodge.

August 4 - Saw giant coastal redwoods.

August 3 - Anne went flying over Golden Gate bridge.

August 2 - Boat trip out to Sausalito.

August 1 - Walked along the pier at Santa Cruz. Climbed to top of Telegraph Hill and took photos from top of Coit Tower.

San Francisco

July 31 - Arrived in San Francisco, and drove down scenic Route 1 to Santa Cruz.

July 29 - Anne gets her private pilot's license.

Zanesville, OH
Anne's Solo Cross-Country

June 13 - Anne goes on solo long cross country flight to Zanesville, Mansfield, and back to Don Scott airport.

Mansfield, OH
Mansfield, Ohio

June 11 - bbq pork ribs at Bolton Field airport

June 6 - Anne goes on solo flight to Findlay. In daylight, you can see the interstate, huge gas storage tanks, and water-filled quarry near the airstrip. It looked better at night

June 5 - found restaurant/bar in Columbus ("The Old Bag of Nails") serving draft Old Speckled Hen and Caffrey's. Where were the boffins? Excellent fish and chips, described as English style (fried grouper).

June 3 - Anne goes on night flight to Findlay

May 29 - trip out to Ohio Caverns, and death march around the excitingly named Cedar Bog in the mid-afternoon. I asked "where are the birds", Anne replied "they're not stupid enough to be out in this heat.

May 15 - Anne's parents arrive on way to Florida in the land yacht or "Geezer Glider".

May 9 - boardwalk at Corkscrew Swamp, Naples, Florida. At least twenty alligators, most of them fairly small but still mean looking.

April 4 - traditional Easter dim sum for lunch. Later roast beast and apple pie.

March 27 - the A+N open house - Fosters keg and excellent cakes, among other things.

March 18 - tried to work after a double dose of dilating drops at the optician - not the smartest thing.

February 20 - received mysterious foil-wrapped birthday present. Tried to guess what it was - actually a real-bread electronic breadboard.


An electronic breadboard

January 13 : Sent home early from work due to ice storm. People from Michigan and Wisconsin are amazed at how soft these Ohio southerners are.

Michigander: "When I was a kid, we were grateful for ice-storms. We used to walk to school through raging blizzards and eighty-below wind chills."

Wisconsinite: "Blizzards!? We were happy when the weather warmed up into a blizzard ..."

January 12 : Luggage arrives, after enjoying a brief vacation in Chicago.

January 10 : Boarded flight to Columbus from O'Hare only one hour late. Hurray for American Airlines. Then they made us get off and rebook on a flight five hours later.

January 9 : Spelunking (hardly) in the Nottingham Broad Marsh Caves. Haddock again at the Salutation. Amazement at the glowing Physics Hut at Nottingham (where's the turrets?) Castle.

January 8 : Encounter with haddock (Harry Ramsdens at Nottingham).

Aldburgh beach

January 7 : Stomping around Aldburgh shingle beach - very bracing.

January 6 : visited Cambridge, then the Ipswich (North) Asda (no stars in Michelin guide).

January 5 : Boffins Ahoy! Guided tour of Oxford, including traditional English fare (curry and a fine ale).

January 1, 1999 : Early morning in Birmingham, UK. Standing around in bright sunshine, waiting for the rental car counter to open.

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