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Washington visit - August 2002

We spent a week in Washington. Took the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton, then stayed at Sequim for a couple of nights. We had Dungeness crab at the Three Crabs restaurant.


Hurricane Ridge

Mount Olympus

Hoh rain forest

The whole week was dry and sunny, which was generally good but didn't feel right when we were visiting the rain forest.

We also stayed at Pacific Beach. The beach was wide, and full of clam breathing holes. We then headed up Route 12, the same road that goes just south of Ann Arbor, towards Mount Rainier. We bought a whole cooked crab, and ate it with grilled steak at a chalet in a valley below the mountain.

There's a wisp of cloud in the photograph below right. For a second, we thought the volcano might be erupting.

Pacific Beach

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier


Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier

Reflection Lake



Paradise is a mountain lodge. We stayed in a chalet down in the valley. Mt Rainier is a 14,000 ft high volcano, with craters under the ice cap.

The high spot of the vacation was the visit to Flaming Geyser State Park near Seattle. The excitement mounted as we drove into the park. Not only was there the famous Flaming Geyser, but also a bonus geyser, the Bubbling Geyser.

The photograph of Flaming Geyser was taken from a light aircraft at a height of 1,000 feet. The metal structure is about 300 feet high and the flame billows to 200 feet tall. It's an absolutely awesome sight, not to be missed.

Flaming Geyser

Bubbling Geyser

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