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UK visit - July 2012

We spent a week in Yorkshire, visiting William's grandparents.

Friday June 29: Drove to Toronto for a midnight flight to Manchester, UK.

Saturday: The flight was delayed, and finally left at 1:30 am. Dinner was served at 3 am - clearly wrong in both departure and arrival time zones.

Eventually, we managed to get a car out of Alamo and headed into Yorkshire through heavy rain.

Sunday: Anne and Martin went on a challenging five mile hike to the bright lights of Starbotton, while William sat around and watched TV. The hike was a level walk along the river Wharfe, and only challenging because of our normal lack of significant walking.

Monday: drove out to Bolton Castle, an impressive pile in Wensleydale. Later, we stopped at Aysgarth Falls and managed to see the tea-brown Upper Falls before it started raining again.

Castle Bolton
William in the Castle Bolton maze

Tuesday: Hiked up part of a nearby hill, which gave excellent views over the local sheep.

Buckden, Wharfedale

Wednesday: Lunch at "The Chippie," a fine dining establishment in Hawes. Bought a rock crystal at the White Scar Caves and an ice cream in Clapham. Navigated a ridiculously small road past Malham Tarn to Arncliffe, then encountered the Sheep Invasion of Earth.

Thursday: Lunch in bustling downtown Buckden, then watched a sheepdog riding around on an ATV.

Sheepdog on an ATV

At one point, the valley was suffused in an eerie luminous glow, a rare optical phenomenom known as "sunlight."

Dinner at the Black Sheep Brewery in Masham.

Masham, Yorkshire
Oh no! Our table is accosted by a professional sheep impersonator

Friday: The weather forecast predicted 57 F and rain for every daylight hour, and was dead on.

Many people assume Yorkshire is mostly about damp sheep standing around in a cold drizzle. In fact, it's really about wet sheep standing around in a cold rain.

Saturday: Drove from Buckden to Sawley.

Sawley, featuring a blurryhound

Then on to the other half of the Twin Cities area (Long Eaton.)

Long Eaton
Light and fluffy clouds over Long Eaton

Headed to a Manchester airport hotel. We went the absolutely non-scenic route (via Stoke).

Sunday: Flew back from Manchester to Toronto. Drove back to Rochester, NY via the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls. Arrived home around 7 pm local time.

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