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UK visit September 2007

We spent a week visiting William's grandparents in the UK.

The pilot of our Delta Airlines transatlantic fight invited William into the cockpit, and let him wear his pilot's cap.

Manchester Airport
Delta Airlines 767, Manchester Airport

We had a scenic drive past the Cat and Fiddle, but only one biped was awake. Fortunately, it was the driver. Lunch at a pub near Ambergate.

Sunday: made it to Trent Meadows playground down the road, but didn't make it as far as the exciting gravel lagoons.

Monday: visited the Donington Park race car museum. We got to say "Don't touch" a lot. Every museum should have one thing that a toddler can crawl over.

Tuesday: we rode trams at the Crich Tramway Museum. Martin told William it was a "trolley", and was sternly lectured about using American terms. Granddad bought William an ice cream at Carsington Water.

Tardis, Crich Tramway Museum

Wednesday: Lunch to celebrate Granddad's 70th birthday at Bosworth Field. There was a large turnout of relatives.

That evening, William received an excellent remote control toy car from Paul and Janet.

Thursday: Lunch at the Rose and Crown, a canal-side pub near the River Soar in Leicestershire. William particularly enjoyed the big slide on the playground. After we got back, William made chocolate cookies for Granddad's birthday.

Friday: Lunch at a huge garden center near Oakham, Rutland. It had a playground built around a tractor. William also met Freya, his second cousin.

Saturday: The usual downside of transatlantic travel: early start, harried drive, racing around the terminal looking for signs, aimless waiting, uncomfortable seats.

William really does travel well, and saved his first meltdown for the JFK terminal after clearing immigration. He had a point. After leaving the plane, we faced the Ordeal By Escalators (three were involved, two non-functional) and hiked the Corridor of Infinity before reaching immigration. The terminal was packed, but fortunately only had one diseased-looking pigeon wandering around on the carpet. The flight to Rochester was (of course) delayed. However, William was kept happy by an overpriced bear toy, a small price to pay.

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