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UK visit - Christmas 2003

We spent a couple of weeks in England. We set off on a Northwest flight to Gatwick on Saturday 20 December, arriving on Sunday morning. The rental car was a Renault Bogus, a very strange vehicle with an electrically activated handbrake that was difficult to figure out after a long flight.

The car had a digital speedometer, allowing a precise measure of our rate of progress along the M-25 expressway. Numbers like "9" and "17" mph came up regularly. We followed a car with a license plate YP51 RKS (Ypsi Rocks), obviously owned a big fan of Ypsilanti.

On Monday, we called in on Prof. CVB, who recently had moved from Oxford to Beeston. There are several Oxfords in the U.S., but no known Beestons, for some reason.

Anne insisted on visiting the scenic gravel lagoons close to Martin's parents' house. Attractions include mud and geese.

Restorative hike
Trent Lock
Bovine individuals

We visited Newark Air Museum, which had many more planes than visitors just before Christmas. Had an excellent lunch in a Thai restaurant in downtown Newark, which also provided a good view of a derelict hotel. Also visited Newark Castle (remains of).

Christmas Day involved a restorative hike to Trent Lock. Long Eaton is sometimes called the Venice of the Old World, because of its canals. Actually, Venice is the Venice of the Old World.

Also met up for a pub lunch with an old Manchester colleague (Paul). Afterwards, we visited the man-made caves under a Nottingham shopping mall. Tour guides tried very hard to keep us entertained, too hard probably.

We also visited Stratford on Avon for some culture, seeing a performance of Beauty and the Beast from the cheap seats.

Canada geese
Feline individual

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