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We have rare, expensive versions of these adorable stuffed toys, including:

For our international readers - the chigger is a particularly adorable kind of tick.

The Majestic Armadillo

The armadillo. Poised. Intelligent. Scaly. Now the essential majesty of the armadillo has been captured in fine porcelein by world famous artist Boris McBaloney.

Production of this limited edition masterpiece has been restricted to as many as we could possibly hope to sell, and then some. Each one is accompanied by a genuine certificate of authenticity (certified McBaloney). The design is hand painted, as Third World child labor runs a lot cheaper than the average armadillo painting machine. The eyes are crystal [i.e. glass], the snout is detailed with genuine Ohio diamonds [flint]

Yours for just 8 easy payments of $39.99. Your armadillo will always be a talking point at dinner parties, e.g. "Just how much did you pay for that thing?".

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