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Toronto 2003

We spent a long weekend in Toronto. We set off on Wednesday evening (October 29), only getting as far as Chatham, but at least we reached Canada. The next day, we had lunch at the Ancaster Old Mill, a stylish restaurant with a view of a waterfall, and headed on to Toronto.

North, Yonge St
CN Tower
West, floodlit golf course
CN Tower
Studio 42
CBC studio
Island Ferry
Royal Ontario Museum
The ROM (Read Only Museum)

Had a high altitude revolving dinner at the restaurant in the CN tower. Anne refused to revolve backwards. After dinner, we watched a TV show being recorded in the CBC building.

We also took a ferry out to the Toronto island, rode the streetcars and subway, and bought an electric teakettle. We had a number of interesting meals, our favorite was a Malaysian restaurant called the Mata Hari. We also had dim sum in Chinatown. To add to the atmosphere, the Chinese restaurant was showing an exotic foreign television broadcast (Arsenal vs. Leeds).

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