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Texas, Feb 20 - 24, 2004

We visited Texas for a few days. We flew down to San Antonio and picked up a rental car. We drove through downtown, then headed west on Route 90.

At Sabinal, we headed northwest into the Texas hill country, passing through Concan and Leakey on the way to the cabin. There were numerous deer lurking close to the side of the road.

The cabin was on a low bluff, and overlooked the River Frio (or Rio Cold). The cabin seemed to be built from a kit, with log walls and lots of pine on the interior.

Perfect for tubing (allegedly)
Rio Frio

Downtown Leakey

The local store had any meat you wanted, as long as it was beef. We had grilled steak every evening.

At nearby Garner State Park, we saw a long line of wild turkeys crossing the road. We also saw park wardens trying to guide a herd of goats out of the park. Goat herding is apparently not part of park warden training, as goat splinter groups ran off in random directions.

A white goose let us know we were too close to the goose, and should step back. We carefully steered around a radius of minimum acceptable goose-human distance. Anne stepped over the line to take a photograph, and the goose charged us.

We visited Lost Maples State Park, and found the lost maples fairly easily. We were too early to see the endangered golden-cheeked warblers, which were still sipping pina coladas down in Mexico. The equally elusive sweet-cheeked warbler was also nowhere to be seen.

Lost boulder
Lost Maples State Park
Calm before the goose
Garner State Park
Stepping stones
Lost Maples State Park

Lost Maples State Park

The so-called "Low Water Bridge" is a low section of road with a small pipe underneath, which is indeed a bridge when the river is almost dried up. When the river is higher, the road forms part of the river bed. These bridges are common, so maybe it isn't a good idea to drive in heavy rain.

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