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About Tessie

Treeing Walker coonhound
Tessie - Treeing Walker Coounhound

Tessie is one of ten puppies born at the Humane Society to a treeing hound. She is a hound cross, probably a hound crossed with another hound.

Tessie is a white dog. Her body is almost completely covered with single enormous brown spot. Her head is almost completely covered by two large brown spots.

Tessie Genealogy

DNA analysis shows Tessie includes the following:

Unlike most dogs, Tessie's ancestry adds up to 101%.

Bite it or not? Tessie's Guide
Bitten it before? Bite it again! It's clearly a dog chew.
Not bitten it before? Bite it! Find out if it's a dog chew.

Tessie's Gardening Guide
Is it a tuft of grass? Dig it up!
Has it been planted recently? Dig it up!
Is it a shrub? Dig it up! Death to shrubs!
Does it have a root ball? Dig it up and bite the root ball.
Is it in a plant pot? Remove from plant pot and shake it.
Is it rawhide? Plant it! Then dig it up and plant it somewhere else. (Repeat).

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