Squirrel Marketing Board

Squirrel - The Other White MeatTM

Grilled squirrel is delicious. This noble rodent is a mainstay of high cuisine to backwoods residents. Plus, the tail makes a hairy soup. [surely hearty? web editor]

Consumer resistance is partly due to the small size of the common gray squirrel. Recently, researchers at the Squirrel Technology Institute (STI) in Piketon, Kentucky, used advanced breeding techniques, genetic engineering, and steroids to produce squirrels over ten feet long (excluding tail) and weighing over 200 lbs.

Look for cuts from this new, improved squirrel at your local grocery store. The larger brain of this giant squirrel fully lives up to its billing as the "Appalachian Filet Mignon".

Remember, beef is boring, chicken is dull. For a special treat, there's nothing to beat - Giant Squirrel.

Squirrel - It's What's for DinnerTM

Notes: Squirrel - It's What's for Dinner is a trademark of the Kentucky Bureau of Tourism. Please advise the Squirrel Technology Institute if you notice a 200 lb squirrel sitting on your birdfeeder. Your BB gun may be insufficient firepower to take on this creature. Severe gnawing injuries have occured in such situations.

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