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SBBS beleives that eye-strain should be a fundamental part of surfing the web. We use a scientific 5-stage system to ensure your customers have to squint at your page.

1) Sans-serif fonts are supposedly harder to read. Most browser defaults are something like Times. But with font face.., you can ram sans-serif down their eyeballs.

2) Size is important - small.

3) Reverse video is harder to read.

4) And italic is even harder.
5) And finally lower the contrast. Squint-tastic

At present, SBBS only has a miserable piece of graphics software that came free with the scanner. However, once you have people squinting at your page, the next essential step is to give them a screaming headache with intensely annoying animated gifs and blinking text

SBBS also beleives in extremely busy backgrounds. If there's one thing that really annoys us, its slackers that want a nice clean background to make reading easy. If they want to read your page, they should pay the price.

Isn't this great?

Colored text on a fussy background is always a good idea.

Readers should put up and shut up.

On some old browsers, you won't see the background, which is your good fortune.

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