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Everyone should have a rants page. It's a great way to add (incoherent) content to a web site.

Unfortunately, it takes imagination and energy to produce a good rant. It's much easier to just write about what your dog has just done. The Dog News pages are far more popular, attracting several hits a month. Why not contribute a special guest rant? At least we'll know someone has looked at this page. We have a rule - always update a page if we find out someone has looked at it for more than 1 second (the usual read time).

Old Rants - from last year and earlier.

Gas pump blues

The noble gas pump. It's hard to imagine a less objectionable appliance. However, today I made the mistake of of filling up at a Sunoco station. As soon as I started filling the car with gas, a loud but tinny advertizing patter started. It took me some time to figure out where the noise was coming from. In fact, there was a loudspeaker embedded in the handle of the pump, encouraging me to buy junk at the store. Finally, it started thanking me for using Sunoco. That was it. I rammed the pump back into its holder and drove away annoyed.

I don't want appliances that talk to me, let alone tell me what to do, and even less appliances that thank me for using them. The people that thought this was a good idea are the same people that thought putting an electrical appliance in a gas pump was a good idea, and that says it all.


What's with all the dirt roads around here?

Just what is it about Michigan and dirt roads? We lived in Ohio for about 5 years, and the only dirt and gravel roads we saw were driveways. Around here, even some main roads are dirt. We once had to get to the airport on back roads when the expressway was backed up, and ended up racing along potholed, washboarded roads that made it feel we were on safari.

The Interstates aren't dirt, there's probably a federal rule against that or Michigan would have tried it. However, it's possible to approximate the irregularity and potholed nature of dirt roads using broken concrete and patched asphalt, as can be experienced driving into Detroit on I-94. Michigan also experiments with enhanced noise concrete surfaces, with grooves running across the concrete which resonate with tires.

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