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Ottawa visit January 2010

Saturday (January 16): Drove to Ottawa to spend two nights in a downtown hotel. Walked down to an Italian restaurant, where a marinara dish included an enormous pile of mussels (more marine life than expected).

Sunday: Breakfast at Eggspectations, which seemed to be a local favorite. Then we headed to the Canadian Museum of Nature to see the dinosaurs.


Chomp! That was the sound of the enormous freight elevator closing, in public use during museum renovations.

Lunch at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, which has a good view across the frozen river to downtown. There were a lot of French-speaking people around. This side of the river is actually in the exotically named town of "Hull", part of Quebec.


William enjoyed watching cartoons in French.

Headed to the Canadian Aviation Museum at Ottawa/Rockcliffe Airport. Anne found someone to let William climb into a Cessna, and he also grabbed the controls of an F-16.

Airplane Museum
Flight Officer William

Dinner in Little Italy, at the Pub Italia.

After dinner, William hit the pool.

Monday: Somewhat slow to get going in the morning. After lunch, we drove down along the canal. It's a long skating rink in winter.

The US immigration officer was skeptical that anyone would choose to visit Ottawa, "out of anywhere in the world."

Arrived home about half past six in the evening.

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