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Bayfield, Ontario July 2007

We rented a house (Edgewood Cottage) near Bayfield, Ontario for a week of doing not very much. William spent a lot of time playing at the children's playground in a shaded central square, and at the town beach. The playground had an excavator toy that was particularly exciting, and William solved the problem of being too small to operate it properly by giving orders to a parent.

Saturday June 30 - William helped us pack by stuffing Martin's wallet into the depths of a rucksack. That delayed departure by over an hour. We had take-out sandwiches for dinner in Stratford, and William lured ducks out of the river with a bag of food. Laser then drove them back with loud barks.

Sunday, July 1 - Visited Bayfield beach, where William dug around with his shovel and excavator, using them to fill a toy dump truck. We noticed several dogs running around the beach, looking happier than Laser had when we left him back at the cottage. Laser was visibly appalled at being left behind. Later, we had a huge and excellent buffet lunch at the Bayfield Berry Farm.

Laser came along for an afternoon visit to the beach, and insisted on sitting on the beach towel, not the sand.

Laser in Bayfield

Monday - We drove up to Goderich, and saw the lighthouse and enormous salt mine in the bay. William spent an eternity playing with a Thomas the Tank Engine set up in a bookstore, but we spent enough on books to make up for it. It was annoying to pay the higher Canadian dollar list prices when the exchange rate is now about 1:1 with the US dollar.

Tuesday - William fell asleep in the car after playing on the beach. We got sandwiches from the Bayfield Berry Farm and drove around for a bit looking for a windmill.

Wednesday - We traveled south to Grand Bend. It was raining, and so we continued further south to have lunch at Christine's on the River in Port Franks. We had to wake William up to have lunch, resulting in loud complaints. He was taken outside to admire the boats, river, and large yellow fiberglass duck. Later, we saw the Heritage Museum nearby.

In the evening, Anne made jelly using the excellent local strawberries. We enjoyed Bayfield's ambience by having dinner on the patio at the Black Dog.

Thursday - Drove up to Kincardine. Martin climbed up the Point Clark lighthouse. There was no way William could climb or be carried up, so he went to the nearby playground.

Last time we were in Kincardine, we walked along the lakefront. This time, we spent hours at a playground. We had dinner at the Erie Belle pub. This was well worth the drive (from Rochester, NY even).

William and dump truck

Friday - Visited a nearby beach at Houston Heights. The beach was very nice and almost deserted. Later, we visited the Bannockburn nature area, and deserved tourist points for finding it. We also found the windmill but it was closed. (We think that is the usual state of affairs.) We rounded off an excellent day with dinner at the Black Dog, Bayfield, and watching the Teddy Bear Parade in Clinton. The parade went along the sidewalk for a few hundred yards, past the large ornamental radar antenna.

Relaxed Laser

Saturday - William had pancakes at the Bayfield Fireman's Breakfast, and admired the well-polished fire engines. We had lunch at a sidewalk table outside a pub in Stratford.

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