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Gloucester, Mass July 2010

We rented a condo for a week in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The condo was close to Stage Fort Park, which includes a couple of beaches. The entire week was very hot and sunny.

Friday (July 2): Dropped the dog off with William's grandpa. Stayed the night in Oneonta.

Saturday: Arrived at Gloucester, settled in the condo, and walked down to the local beaches. One was mostly sand, and the other was mostly pebbles. Had fish and chips from the Cupboard, a take away shack in the park.

Here's the pebbly beach in Stage Fort Park. The arrow points to a window of our rental condo.

Gloucester, Stage Fort Park
Cressy Beach, Gloucester

Sunday: Another trip to the beach, to test beach toys on the sandy Half Moon Beach. Afternoon visit to the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center for crab fondling, followed by another trip to the beach.

Watched an impressive firework display from the deck of our condo.

Monday: walked around Halibut Point State Park. Kite flying at Stage Fort Park.

Tuesday: Whale watch boat ride with Captain Bill's. We saw numerous humpback whales, a few fin whales, and a herd [is this correct? web editor] of dolphins. The humpbacks came very close to the boat, and a couple of times they passed under it. Apparently, this is nothing to worry about.

Captain Bill's Whale Watch
Humpback whales

The photo above shows a humpback whale diving to feed on Stellwagen Bank. It's a fluke shot, taken at just the right moment.

Captain Bill's Whale Watch
Thar she blows!

The large crowded boat in the background sailed up from Boston.

Wednesday: Another visit to Half Moon Beach to build sandcastles. William also checked out the playground and visitor center.

William had an evening play date with his second cousins Amber and Nicholas, in Wakefield.

Thursday: Rode the Boston metro (Blue Line) to the Aquarium stop. Alert readers might already guess we visited the New England Aquarium. William liked the penguins, which was good, as there are a lot of them. Anyone having career regrets should watch the people scrubbing penguin guano off the rocks.

William particularly liked the diver swimming around the giant ocean tank, hand-feeding various fish.

Boston has a lot of other attractions, and after lunch we ignored all of them and returned to the aquarium.

Our sand fortifications failed to repel the evening high tide on Half Moon Beach.

Friday: visited Hammond Castle, a fake castle just down the coast from Gloucester. Strangely, it wasn't the same fake castle visible from the local beach. Lunch in Manchester (not the drizzly one in England).

William had another evening play date with his second cousins in Wakefield.

Saturday: Stopped by the "Man at the Wheel" Fisherman's Memorial. Federal regulations require that all visitors to Gloucester must photograph this statue.

Epic drive to collect the dog from Newark Valley, and then back to Rochester.

Man at the Wheel

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