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Performance and development agreement

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Your performance and development agreement (PDA) states the results you will aim to achieve and the commitment of your manager in providing you with the necessary encouragement, pats on the head, belly rubs, walks, support and development to enable you to succeed.

Personal Details

Name Laser T. Dog

Staff Number : DOG00000000001

Profit/Cost Center : PELLETS

Sector : Big Furry Animals

Employee Title : Dog

Role/job title : Canine Individual

BGM/RM : Anne + Martin

Your Agreement

It is your responsibility to maintain this agreement and ensure that reviews of achievement against objectives are recorded.

Job Purpose Statement

The purpose of the job is to proactively maintain an ongoing "good dog" status, while synergizing with bipeds in an inter-mammalian team environment.

Key Result Areas (KRAs) - use these spaces to identify areas in which you need to be effective to achieve your overall job purpose.

Success criteria - use these spaces to identify measures which will help your level of success in delivering each KRA.

Barking Opening mouth
Emission of Canine Acoustic Waves (CAWs)
Trotting Around Must have happy but demented expression
Being petted At least one vigorous belly rub per day
Squirrel Repulsion
High speed launch from back door.

Competency Profiles

Use these spaces to record the dimensions of the CORE competencies and the additional competencies and dimensions which you and your resource manager identify as CRITICAL to success in your current job. In the Personal Profile column you need only record where the dimension of your personal competency is different than that shown in the job profile.

Job Profile Personal profile
Core Competencies Dimension Dimension
Understanding caninity and its values Eat, sleep, and bark Laser is familiar with canine paradigm
Forward motion One dimensional, until turns Extremely rapid
Concern for quality, safety, and security Barking at intruders Wagging tail detracts from deterrance
Walking with others No pulling Skilled at tangling humans in leash
Customer focus Expectant fixed stare Only customers holding dog treats
Drive To the park The dog can't drive, thank goodness
Critical Competencies Dimension Dimension
Eating pellets Effective chomping Mastication beyond call of duty
Rawhide chew destruction One per week On "fast-track" program - can destroy big knotted chew in one determined session

Use this area to record the main areas of Professional/Technical skills and knowledge that you require in your current job in order to enable you to carry it out effectively and your assessment of your current level. In the Personal level you need only record where it is different than shown in the level for the job.

Area of skill or knowledge Level for job Personal level
Tail wagging Gentle swishing Vigorous table-clearing destruction
Furriness No obvious mange Completely furry
Barking Discrete yelp Eardrum-splitting barrage

Competency development

Current job - having completed your personal profile, you may wish to discuss with your manager areas that you have identified as providing an opportunity for development. What are the priorities for your job? What are your development objectives and how can they be met? Use the box below to record your plans.

Barks need to convey more specific information - not just "Pay attention to me."
Need to gain additional experience with different dog treats - suggest managers buy huge selection from pet store.
Need to gain experience eating steak - managers have been too selfish to share.

Future development - If it is appropriate you may wish to use this space to record the development goals related to your future career aspirations. Consider what competencies/dimensions and skills and knowledge you will need to fulfill your longer term needs. Having defined your objectives you will need to plan how to achieve them, including any priorities or target dates. You can then use this to help you agree appropriate career development objectives with your manager.

Opening doors - grow thumbs by January 2004
Drivers licence - obtain learners permit by June 2002
Walk on hind legs by November 2003

Competencies not currently in use - use this space to record any competencies and/or professional skills and knowledge which you have, but which are either not used or are under used in your current job.

Competency Dimension Skill/knowledge Level What job and when used
Rodent chasing Run and catch Identification of rodent menace, racing towards it. High Early in current job, until squirrels stayed out of yard

Remember - your end of year evaluation will depend entirely on how much your manager(s) like you - not on any of this nonsense.

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