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Pelican Bay, Florida April 2007

We spent a week at Anne's aunt's condo at Pelican Bay, a few miles north of Naples, Florida. First of all, we had to get a visitors' permit, as the boardwalks to the beach are patrolled by the dreaded Pelikanpolizei (PP), who have security checkpoints at key locations.

We secured the necessary permits and headed for the beach. William liked the sand, but was reluctant to wade in the shallow water.

Naples, FL
William plays in the sand while a minion fetches water

Visited the Aviary Zoo on Immokalee Road, which is the type of minor attraction we all like. William liked the pigs the best, and there were also very fat lizards, camels, other small non-bird animals, peacocks, parrots, etc. On further investigation, it's actually called the "Aviary AND Zoo of Naples".

Had a boat ride through the mangroves at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, and took numerous bad photos of distant birds.

Other trips included Sanibel Island, the Naples Zoo, and various playgrounds around town. Sanibel is home of a National Traffic Sanctuary, a long line of cars waiting to get off the island. We stayed to take some more blurry bird picture on the J. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

The Naples Zoo is surprisingly expensive. We arrived early enough to avoid the long lines to get in, and for the boat ride around the monkey islands. There aren't as many animals as you might expect for such a large area. It used to be called the Carribean Gardens, and remains fairly vegetation-heavy for a zoo.

We also investigated the local shrimp, and tentatively concluded that it's worth paying extra for the really big ones. More studies are needed.

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