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Florida visit April 2012

We spent a long weekend in Florida, visiting William's grandpa.

Thursday, April 19 - Flight to Tampa, Florida, and a hotel in the outskirts. William suffered earache at 3 am. Fortunately, there was a truck stop next door with a selection of medicines.

Friday - Legoland, Florida.

Legoland, Florida
Legoland, Florida

Legoland, Florida

Headed down to Fort Myers to see Grandpa for dinner, then to the hotel (Sandpiper Gulf Resort) on Estero Island.

Saturday - Breakfast at the Island Pancake House nearby.

The hotel was right on the beach, but we felt out of place building sandcastles. Everyone else was grimly marching or jogging up and down the beach.

Estero Island
Estero Island

Headed to Grandpa's for lunch and desk assembly.

Sunday - walked to the beach, then picked up Grandpa for a trip to Sanibel Island. Lots of shrimp at the Hungry Heron. Slowly drove around the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge looking for birds, but it seemed more of a bird exclusion zone.

Monday - An overnight storm had washed all kinds of shells up onto the beach. Stopped briefly at Grandpa's, then headed up to Tampa for a direct flight to Rochester, NY. It was 34F with snow on the ground when we arrived back home.

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