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Ann Arbor Dog Park

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The Dog Park pictured here was a large field to the west of Ann Arbor where dogs were allowed off leash. The owners closed it down in May 2003, possibly to concentrate on groundwater pollution.

There are now (10/2007) two OFFICIAL dog parks in Ann Arbor: Swift Run (near the intersection of Ellsworth and Platt), and Olson Park. See the city Dog Parks page

Other good options include the Paw Run Canine Recreation Area, along with the Saline Dog Park.

The following photos first appeared in the Dog News pages, starting in 2000.

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Dog Park

Laser at warp speed Laser and Rascal

Snow Wrestling
Enthusiastic dog wrestling

Laser, Rascal, and an amorphous black blob Laser in melee

A tail can spare your modesty Laser and Sunny

Round One
Edgar and Justice square off
for the Great Stick Battle
It's Mine
Stick Battle continues

Great Stick Battle
The crowd gets excited

Dog Park

Dog Park

Rascal is taller than Arnie, at least when on hind legs.

I don't sit in snow
Rascal refuses to pose
The Noble Mutt

Great Dane

Laser Dog

An excellent sit
Emma fights back
Outrunning Laser
Bentley the Dog
Begging for a walk in sub-zero wind chill
Beaming Laser
Leaping Laser

Assorted Canines
Dog melee

Ellie flops over yet again
Laser and Ellie
Fighting over a girl again
Laser and Bentley the Dog

Laser Dog

Spot the third dog
Laser, Raven, and Sunny

A visceler.., viszeler.., er, some kind of brown dog
Inter-canine interactions at the dog park
Laser and Bentley
Laser and Bentley

What's going on over there?
Laser and Justice
Dog commuters
Happy tails

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