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Hound News 2014

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November 14 - Tessie got her dog license. Yesterday, she was a canine-style life form. Today, she's a dog.

November 13 - Death to bags of brown sugar! And yardsticks.

November 12 - Fleeces should be dragged away and slept on.

November 10 - Rolls of wrapping paper need to be taught a lesson.

November 9 - Conflict when William tried to sit in Tessie's recliner.

November 8 - Death to shrubs!

November 6 - Shots at lunchtime, pitiful looks in the afternoon, and turbo extreme mayhem in the evening.

November 4 - Tessie likes the recliner.


October 20 - Puppy training. Tessie does not need training to be a puppy.

October 11


October 9 - Anne visited the Humane Society to see the ten hound puppies, and left with one of them.

October 8 - Anne saw photos of 10 hound puppies on the Humane Society website.

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