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Latest reports from the Rochester Laser Lab (not to be confused with the Rochester Laserlab).

DOG NEWS - EXTRA ... - We dogsat Molly the Labrador for a week in July.

July 21 - Molly is retrieved by her owners.

Plaintive squeaking at 4 am, for an early breakfast. Dogs don't have a good grasp of the weekend.

July 17 - Perhaps Molly is a dalmatian with a single black spot that covers her entire body. In that case, how did she get so labradorish?

July 16 - Molly enjoyed Frosty Paws dog ice cream.

July 15 - Molly laid out in the yard, gnawing on a chew. If Molly could speak to her owners, she'd say "Woof! I'd like a fenced yard."

July 14 - A bag of dog treats somehow fell off the table onto the floor, but Molly helped tidy up.

3:00 pm - the mournful "feed me dinner" squeaking starts in earnest. Good job we were warned about this, or we'd think the dog was in pain.

July 13 - Molly is enjoying her new giant Kong (a rubbery dog chew toy).

Molly the Dog
Molly Labrador and Kong

July 12 - Poor Brian the Betta. Molly ate all the fish food, and now has cat breath.

July 11 - Awoken by canine squeaking for the first time in a long time. Evening walk to a local field.

Molly the Dog
Neighborhood Lab Patrol

July 10 - Molly T. Labrador arrives for a visit.

Molly the Dog
Molly the Dog

Jan 18 - Sadly, it really is the end of the great walk for Laser. He almost made it to 14 years old, which is quite an achievement for a big dog.

Laser the dog
Laser the dog

Jan 8 - Pellets and chicken drippings - Laser approves.

Jan 2 - Laser stayed at a dog sitter's house over the holidays. He's too old for kennels, and he got more petting than at home.

Jan 1 - Wagging New Year from Laser.

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