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Laser Dog News 2007

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Dec 16 - Laser went on a walk through deepening snow. He had to be brushed every few minutes to stop him becoming a snow dog.

Oct 21 - Laser was wrestled on board a sailboat and taken sailing on Cayuga Lake. It was too hot to leave him in the van. Laser started off deeply unhappy, warmed up to mild anxiety, and ended up not thrilled but otherwise OK. He's a landlubber. Laser helped out in his usual fashion, by getting in the way and stepping on people's feet.

Oct 14 - visited Target, discovering that they only sell incompatable Thomas toys. However, William noticed the dog treat aisle and pointed out that Laser would like a bone. So Laser did well out of the visit.

Oct 11 - Laser was being walked around a field when we saw what looked like a couple of kangaroos hopping in the distance. On closer examination, they were the rear ends of deer bounding into the bushes.

Oct 7 - Laser went on an early-morning vet-inspired long walk, involving both Boring Road Loop 1A and Field Loop 1B.

Oct 6 - Laser went to the vet for routine servicing. He's having slight hip problems. The vet suggested a 25% reduction in food and more exercise, but it's not clear if he meant Laser or Martin. Maybe both.

September 20 - The results are in. Laser's canine DNA test results came in the mail. There is no primary breed (i.e. he's a mutt). Mysteriously, the identified secondary breeds are golden retriever and Doberman Pinscher. As scientists would say, further research is needed. We might need a test with more candidate dog breeds to get accurate results.


July 30 - We bought Laser a collar with a flashing red light. He looks like an airplane, if it was flying 26 inches off the ground, dog-shaped, and furry.

July 18 - Laser walked around Meridian Centre Park. He received extensive petting from a couple of people, continuing yesterday's theme of public appreciation. We think that extensive walks recently, coupled with the excellent beach vacation in Ontario, have given Laser a relaxed and totally charming aura. He stands around looking pettable and exuding good doggons. The doggon field then draws in the fans.

July 17 - Laser visited Pittsford Canal Park, and received extensive petting from several strangers.

July 15 - The Canine Heritage Breed Test arrived, in the form of a long Q-tip and a return envelope. Anne took a cheek swab. We mailed this back, and await the results. Laser will receive a Certificate of Breed Analysis. There was a disclaimer about unreliable results if your dog contains obscure breeds, maybe written with dogs like Laser in mind.

July 11 - A slow amble down to the Evans Farm/Evans Lane bridge to feed the ducks with some ancient cheese crackers. Laser was appalled - he is very willing to assume stale cracker disposal duties.

July 9 - Another dog owner in the neighborhood asked if we'd just moved here. A sure sign that we've lacked dog walking diligence.

July 8 - *** IMPORTANT NEWS ALERT ***. Anne sent off for a canine DNA profiling kit so we can find out his true heritage. Here are our estimated odds for his primary breed: Labrador 2-1; Foxhound 3-1; Greyhound 6-1; Beagle 8-1; Boxer 20-1; Rhodesian Ridgeback 20-1; Collie 30-1; Pomeranian 1000-1.

July 7 - Laser re-enters the U.S. without any trouble. We didn't even need to show his Certificate of Dogness.

July 5 - Laser had a great time on the beach near Bayfield. Eventually, he ran back to the van and could not be moved from the back seat.

July 1 - Laser went with us to the beach in Bayfield, and enjoyed a fur-ruffling walk to the end of the breakwater in a very high wind. He didn't like getting sand on his .. erm .. hindquarters, so squeezed on the beach towel with us.

June 30 - Headed off to Bayfield, Ontario.


The rental house owner allowed us to bring Laser, so we're packing dog paraphenalia along with William's vast amount of stuff. Laser was quite worried at the first sight of the suitcases. He had a good time barking at ducks along the river in Stratford, Ontario.

Jun 21 - We're taking Laser on vacation to a rental cottage in Ontario next week. Anne ordered a Certificate of Dogness from the vet, to expedite border crossing.

Jun 10 - Laser returns to Rochester with us, from Anne's parents.

Jun 9 - Laser saw a deer at close range, but didn't seem bothered. Deer aren't rodents.

May 28 - Laser ran away from his current minders (Anne's parents) into a nearby field. Anne's father had to crawl under an electric fence to retrieve him. Laser lost several Good Dog Points.

May 20 - Laser had a good long walk around most of the sights of Newark Valley, including the bridge that is out, the bridge that is not out, and the traffic signal.

May 19 - Laser was driven down to Anne's parents, so we can go out of town next weekend. Otherwise he'd have to spend a few days in a kennel, and he's now far too senior for that kind of indignity.

May 12 - Laser went on a slow walk around a nearby park. He was remarkably patient as William investigated everything at great length.

May 8 - Laser spent the evening loudly gnawing on a flavored rawhide chew. He was getting some good creaking noises (from the chew, not from his hips).

May 4 - Laser engaged in "Duelling Barks" with a neighbor's dog.

April 26 - There was a mallard couple wandering around our lawn. Laser didn't seem bothered. He saves his barking for squirrels, other dogs, people, and anything else worth barking at (to be announced, using barks, obviously).

April 25 - Laser had an early morning walk. That shouldn't be unusual, but over winter we had been just sending him out into the fenced yard. Last week, Anne had actually gone on a very short morning run with Laser. Things are looking up.

Jan 7 - The most important effect of global warming is that Laser is going on many more walks.

Jan 6 - We added a large, plush, tan-brown rug to our living room floor. Laser is impressed and appreciative. The rug color was chosen to match the dog.

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