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Laser Dog News 2006

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Dec 25 - Immense canine relief as Molly leaves. Laser spends the rest of the day almost motionless on his dog bed.

Dec 23 - Immense canine excitement as Molly comes to visit. Molly is an energetic 2 year old black lab.

Oct 13 - Laser had a narrow escape from the kennel. We canceled a trip to see William's great grandmother, who lives the other side of a blizzard-hit Buffalo.

Oct 3 - Laser went for a major squelch through a field.

Sept 3 - Laser returns after a long sojourn with Anne's parents. Now he has a fenced yard at our new house.

June 4 - Laser is slipstreaming William's demands to be taken outside. Laser now gets walked as William gets strolled.

May 27 - Laser returns to Rochester from his vacation in sunny Newark Valley. He was walked three times a day, so might now be expecting the same level of service from us.

Laser is back to doing an excellent job cleaning up William-related food debris on the dining room floor. His instant-response floor cleaning service was under-appreciated until it was absent.

May 26 - Laser escaped from Anne's father when out on a walk. He ran back to the house, being unclear on the concept of escape.

May 20 - Laser is getting some nice walks at Anne's parents.

May 18 - Laser went to stay with Anne's parents. Anne is going out of town next week, and William is enough of a handful on his own.

April 2 - Laser went on a dog date with two labs.

March 28 - Great excitement as Laser visited Ellison Park in Rochester, also known as the "Dog Park." Numerous dogs were running around near the bridge over Irondequoit Creek. Such unregulated canine happiness would never be tolerated in Ann Arbor. [Along with all the happy people and dogs, there was one grim-looking runner, who may have written the complaining letter to the paper a few days after this.]

March 25 - Laser visited his dog cousin, Molly. It was the most exercise he'd got this year. It was both a physical and intestinal workout. Molly's owner was impressed at Laser's, erm, output.

March 19 - Laser enjoyed running around a new neighborhood after we stopped to look at a house. The automatic sliding door on our van didn't close properly, allowing dog egress. He was bribed back with one of William's biscuits.

Jan 27 - Laser was the first to stay overnight at our rented house in Rochester. We are waiting for the movers, but Laser brought his dog bed with him in the van. Also, we should make it clear that Laser (the dog) is not the same as the University of Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics (the Rochester Laser Lab).The university Laser Lab studies the effects of intense radiation, whereas the canine Laser Lab studies the effects of intense mooching.

Jan 26 - We moved to Rochester, NY. Our Ann Arbor vet sensed the opportunity to bill us for one last thing, and persuaded us that we needed a Certificate of Dogness to transport Laser to another state. The Certificate of Dogness was about $50.

Jan 20 - They didn't use it (see Jan 19). For anyone else interested in Laser's play bow, here's a link to a larger image file. This is from Feb 1, 2004, with Laser giving a play bow to Bo.

The other dog is Bo

Laser Dog's Play Bow

Jan 19 - Hello -

We are interested in using your dog's play bow photo on tomorrow morning's broadcast of Good Morning America. ... The segment is scheduled for tomorrow morning in the 8:30 half hour right now. We are demonstrating what different positions/movements mean with our four-legged friends.

Laser deserves to be a media celebrity, so we have no problems letting his photo be shown on TV. Laser would actually prefer his own show, probably a food program.

Jan 13 - Laser gets a new, large, cushy dog bed. He can now lie around and mope in enhanced comfort.

Jan 1, 2006 - Laser is sprung from Dog Jail, and soon finds the couch.

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