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Laser Dog News 2005

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Dec 4 - Laser's usual problem is being on the wrong side of the door. Now he's usually the wrong side of a baby gate.

Why are you bothering me?

Nov 5 - Laser visited Saline dog park. At one point, we had a set of stackable dogs, with a puppy, Laser, and an enormous Great Dane.

Oct 20 - During our recent visit to the UK, there were complaints about the lack of dog news. Unfortunately, Laser has been neglected a little since William's arrival. He is still an extremely good dog, but the recent cold weather has brought a return of his hip pain. Laser would like to winter over in Florida this year.

Aug 26 - visited the Saline dog park on Friday evening, and there was a surprisingly large turn-out. Earlier this week, there was an article in the Ann Arbor News about the Saline dog park, and this might have drawn in the crowds. Saline is in Money Magazine's Top 50 places to live in the U.S., and this is probably a typical case of inhabitants of a less fortunate neighboring town (Ann Arbor) coming in and taking advantage of the amenities.

Aug 14 - Laser walked around the dog trail at Independence Lake county park.

Laser grabs some attention while William is distracted

Aug 13 - The first visit to the Saline Dog Park in a long time. The fence has been significantly upgraded, and now goes a short distance into the river. However, the water is still malodorous. Our new dogmobile allows everyone to go along. William visited the playground.

July 2 - Laser went for a quick walk around County Farm Park. In fact, it turned into a slow amble at the end. He needs some running.

June 24 - Laser became an Instant Local Internet Celebrity (ILIC) after this site was mentioned by the widely read Ann Arbor Is Overrated site. He'd prefer a dog park, but the city council prefers meetings about dog parks. Meetings provide an aura of progress, without any of the downside risks of actually doing anything.

May 8 - Complaints flooded in about the lack of updates. Well, one complaint flooded in. Laser is enjoying some warmer weather, and spent some time laying out on the grass.

May 7 - Laser was washed, about 6 months after he first needed a bath.

April 20 - We have a new textured carpet in the dining room. Actually, the new carpet wasn't textured until Laser scratched at it for a few minutes.

April 12 - Laser begged for a wasabi-flavored rice cracker, and was given one on the theory he would spit it out and stop begging. That didn't work. Later, when the bipeds were out of the room, he managed to eat the rest of the bag.

April 9 - Laser made a quick trip to the Saline Dog Park. He isn't in summer shape yet, and wasn't running very well.

March 21 - Laser got a new dog bed. He still feels neglected.

March 6 - Laser visited the Saline Dog Park. Ice on the river gave one fast dog an escape route around the end of the fence, used repeatedly. Laser ran around for a short while, trotted for some time, then slowed to an amble.

March 5 - Laser realizes he is no longer the star. We're giving him extra attention to make up for it. He had a quick walk around County Farm Park, and met a very fit visezela, visczel .. er .. brown dog that showed that advancing years and lardiness do not have to go paw in paw. Laser clearly needs more exercise.

Wistfulness of the neglected canine

Feb 26 - Laser made resourceful use of a shoe to prop up his dog chew.

Feb 20 - A winter storm came through, so it's back to spending the day lying on his dog bed and sighing. Laser has taken to sleeping down in the family room at night to avoid being woken up by baby-related commotion. It's quite cold down there, but that's obviously a price worth paying for a good night's sleep. Laser needs to stay mentally fresh for his lounging around during the day.

Feb 19 - A rare trip out for Laser to County Farm Park. There were several really nice dogs out and about.

Feb 11 - We brought something home in a basket-like thing, but it clearly wasn't a dog treat so Laser was initially disinterested. However, when the baby started making noise, Laser spent the next half an hour incessantly trotting around and wagging his tail.

Jan 30 - Laser visited the Saline Dog Park. There was another dog there, who liked rolling around in the snow.

Jan 27 - Laser got an e-mail from his dog cousin Molly, who wrote: "I heard about how your humans are neglecting you. I bet you didn't get a Christmas present either. I digged and digged for my present but, I could not find it. So I decided to sleep until next Christmas to see if I get a present next year."

Molly The Dog

Jan 23 - Laser had a walk around a very snowy neighborhood. We had about a foot of snow yesterday. Laser isn't too bothered by snow, but his paws can be irritated by the frozen methane that sometimes forms at night in Michigan.

Jan 13 - Laser woke Anne up in the middle of the night. It was a dog emergency - he wanted to retrieve a chew from the yard. Anne was unimpressed.

Jan 11 - Laser was visited by one of Anne's co-workers, who spent some quality time petting him. Laser had to make up for recent neglect.

Jan 9 - Laser had a quick walk around the block, for which he was very grateful.

Jan 6 - Heavy snow has once again disrupted the dog's walking schedule. Watching a biped shoveling out the driveway just isn't the same.


Jan 2, 2005 - Laser went for a damp squelch around County Farm Park. Things are looking up after a seriously walk-deficient December.

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