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Laser Dog News 2002

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Laser Dog
The Noble Dog
Laser surveys his domain

See also Latest Dog News, Dog News 2001, Dog Park, Dog Park Dogs, and About Laser.

Dec 20 - Laser spent the holidays with a family down the street, who were also pet sitting several other dogs, cats, a guinea pig, and a rabbit. It sounded like trouble to us. We were worried for the rodents but they survived.

Dec 5 - Laser wanted to be let out at 45 minute intervals to chase squirrels.

Orange Streak of Doom
Laser launched from back door

Dec 1 - By popular demand, Roger the Zimbabwean Zipperback (formerly Rhodesian Ridgeback) is the new (drum roll) Dog Park ***Dog of the Month***. In an e-mail campaign, 50% of this web-site readers (Denise) urged consideration of this noble canine.

Roger dancing
Roger the Ridgeback, dancing the night away
Photo by Mike

Nov 23 - Anne took Laser to a local pet store to buy dog food. There were several caged dogs up for adoption, and Laser made sure that they all started barking. Then Laser discovered puppies on the loose at the back of the store. Anne had a store employee hold Laser for a minute, and he got towed off towards the dog treat aisle. Laser then tried to help out during the checkout process. An exciting time for the dog, but a slightly harassing one for the human.

Later, we spent a cold hour at the Dog Park. Laser ran himself senseless.

Nov 23 - Laser got cold after a visit to the Dog Park, so Anne wrapped a towel around him.

Cozy Laser

Nov 8 - A huge turnout at the Dog Park this evening. There were over 30 dogs in a swirling canine melee. Laser was trotting around, trying to get petted by everyone. There was a ludicrously small dog out there, weighing in at 5 milliArnies.

Banjo is Dog Park Dog of the Month AGAIN, a fact totally unrelated to his owner's multiple visits to this web site.

Banjo - Dog Park Dog of the Month **Again**

Nov 4 - Laser's endless squeaking led to accusations that he not canine at all, but in fact a giant guinea pig. Laser vigorously denies these charges. He has a tail.

Oct 27 - We bought Laser a new type of dog treat, called "Sir Loins". That would also be a good title for an adult movie.

Oct 24 - Remembering the success of the previous evening, Laser embarked on another tale of dog woe and misery, only curable by a dog treat. Despite the apparent despair, Laser was sitting at the side of a recliner, beaming and wagging his tail. It's a dog game, called "Get the human out of the recliner".

Oct 23 - Laser started a persistent whimpering campaign, hoping for a dog treat.

Oct 18 - We read a magazine article about an electronic gadget that translates dog barks into Japanese. What's the use of that? We speak better dog than Japanese.

Oct 5 - Laser has vision of the future - unlimited dog treats.


Sept 29 - Who says we spoil this dog? Anne bought Laser some Frosty Paws dog ice cream today.

Dog Ice Cream
Frosty Paws dog ice cream

Sept 21 - Laser was sprayed with a hose for repeatedly barking at the neighbor's dog. But now he has hose odor, a vague plasticky smell.

Sept 10 - We were making a lasagna in the kitchen. The dog's eyes focused with appropriate laser-like intensity on a fistful of cheese.

Sept 7 - Visited the Dog-o-Mat web site. Clicking on the washing machine icon generated a short bark, which didn't impress the bipeds but which had Laser running up and down stairs in an agitated fashion.

August 24 - Took Laser to the Saline dog park, but it was being used for a "cow drop" or "cow bingo" game. Part of the area was fenced and marked off in a grid, and people waited expectantly to see where a resident cow was going to produce a dropping. They didn't need a cow, Laser could have helped out.

August 20 - Laser has the incurable itches.

August 19 - Anne fetched Laser from the dog sitter. At the time, he was lying on a rug and being fed cookies by a young child.
Banjo - Dog Park Dog of the Month

July 20 - Another golf cart outing on Kelleys Island, Ohio. Laser now understands the necessity of keeping all paws and tail in the cart, but still wants to sit on the passenger seat, on top of the passenger if necessary.

July 7 - A less than smart rabbit made a nest in our yard. Laser chased off the adult, then stood barking at a rabbling (or whatever a small rabbit is called), wanting it to run around and be chased. We rescued it and dropped it over a fence. Amazingly, we've seen the adult rabbit being chased before, it doesn't seem to want to learn.

June 2 - For variety, we took Laser to Kelleys Island in Lake Erie. Laser is now less alarmed by the vibration of the boat deck. We tried different configurations of two bipeds and a dog in the golf cart, eventually settling on having the dog sit on the floor in front of the passenger. Laser made a strong case for jumping up onto the passenger, but was outvoted.

May 27 - Anne took Laser to South Bass Island in Lake Erie. Laser tried out a dog life jacket for the ferry ride. Laser also met a young admirer.

Laser fluorescence
Laser in lifejacket

May 4 - Anne took Laser to the Dog Park.


Apr 15 - A very hot day at the Dog Park. Laser was less manic than usual.

Apr 12 - Laser invented the sport of vet towing. You need a dog, a leash, and a vet dragging along at the other end of the leash.

Apr 11 - A nice day for sitting on the grass at the Dog Park - but there was a serious canine hazard (see below).

Dog Hazard
Dog park dog recharges after peeing on two humans

Laser Laser examining local hydrology

Apr 7 - arrival of DST (Dog Stroking Time). There was a big lunch-time turn-out at the Dog Park.

Dog Park Dogs moving slowly enough to be photographed

Apr 6 - Laser spent the day out in the yard, most of the time lying stretched out on the deck. It's hard not to feel envious.

Flying Ears
Laser tests his ears for floppiness

Apr 4 - Large turn out at the Dog Park. Below - a pensive Raven.

Raven Feed me

Mar 25 - Laser has a wide range of expressions, including: "How can you not give me a dog treat" (above right).

Mar 24 - Dog Park again. Laser got into a protracted wrestling match with Louie, in the process getting so slimed that an emergency washing was needed.

Louie I want a good dog treat for this

Mar 23 - Laser visited the Dog Park. Anne was taking movies with her new digital camera, which we might add to the site sometime.

Sadie, we think
Dog park dog

Mar 20 - During a normal conversation with no known dog trigger words, Laser started bouncing around, tail wagging, and beaming. It took us 5 minutes to figure out what his furry brain had realized in seconds, that the word "congratulations" sounds like "perambulation", which means ... WALK.

Feb 18 - Anne was on the phone to a vet friend (Karen) when Laser started to whine pitifully, in obvious distress. At the time, Laser was watching Martin read an obviously tedious textbook. The vet diagnosed Canine Heroics, a dog trying desperately to rescue his biped from an bad situation.

Feb 15 - Laser spent the whole evening complaining, so we gave him a gold medal. All he really wanted was another dog treat.

Feb 12 - We were in the downstairs family room to watch the Winter Olympics. It has a door to the back yard, so Laser spent half the evening wanting to go out, and the other half whining to come back in.

Feb 10 - Laser got a pedicure at the Dog-o-Mat. He suffered in silence, the expectation of a dog chew afterwards providing him strength to survive.

Dog-o-Mat pedicure Pedicure Mooching with a Demento Down
Red eye is blue in dogs

Feb 4 - So cold that Laser refused to go out into the yard this morning. "I'll just hold it until spring".

Feb 2 - Harsh conditions at the Dog Park, with a crust of ice covering about 6 inches of snow. The dogs mainly slid about, whereas bipeds would suddenly drop down as the ice crust gave way.

Laser Dog

Dog Park

Jan 12 - Conditions improved at the Dog Park as it got colder, and freezing rain turned into snow. Laser is climate-insensitive when there are other dogs to run around with. Accompanying bipeds are different.

Jan 6 - The Michigan Department of Natural Resources produces a leaflet, Goose-Human Conflicts and Control Techniques. Apparently, lakefront property owners are finding that dogs are effective goose chasers and provide the best means to prevent geese from overstaying their welcome. Laser has volunteered to help anyone with their goose harassing requirements. He also harasses squirrels if needed.

Jan 5 - Laser made his first trip to the Dog Park this year. It was "Day of the Poodle".

Jan 4 - Laser did not believe that it was too cold for dog walking, but was outvoted by bipeds.

Jan 1, 2002 - Laser retrieved from the minimum security dog jail (a family down the street). He had a good time, certainly much better than sensory deprivation at a kennel.

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