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Hound News 2015

Treeing Walker coonhound
Tessie - Treeing Walker Coounhound

- About Tessie

July 16 - Racing about the Three Forks dog park.

July 8 - Excellent dog bed shredding.

Hound shredding
An ex dog bed

June 7 - Tessie is looking at the nice weather outside, staring at the bipeds, and sighing wisfully. What could she want?

Tessie ended up racing around the Mercer Island Dog Park.

June 3 - Unfortunately, something has chewed up Tessie's eye ointment.

June 1 - Tessie has pink inflamation of both eyes, probably due to clouds of wood chip dust thrown up during a recent dog park visit.

May 25 - During a walk up to the school bus stop, Tessie noticed a rabbit sitting about five feet from the sidewalk. Tessie was distressed and astonished that she wasn't able to chase the rabbit, emitting a range of anguished squeaks.

May 5 - After enjoying an afternoon lying on her luxury othopedic foam mat, Tessie shredded the foam into a thousand pieces.

May 4 - We bought Tessie a luxury orthopedic foam mat to lie on.

Mar 11 - Tessie in full on mayhem mode, and started digging a hole to the center of the Earth.

Mar 9 - Distressing does not have to stop at furniture. Tessie distressed a remote control.

Jan 2 - Racing around the Dog Park.

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