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Washington DC trip, May 2001

Headed out to Detroit Airport on Saturday afternoon, April 28, with what we expect to be plenty of time. We still haven't learned, and ended up (as usual) racing off to a distant gate with minutes to spare.

Checked in to a Crystal City hotel, took the metro to Arlington, crossed the Potomac, and evaded heavy traffic to reach the Lincoln Memorial. Only fast tourists make it. Saw the Washington Monument (hard not to), watched soccer games on the Mall (which seems un-American), and frisbee throwing tourists. Dinner at the Saigon Crystal in Crystal City. Living in Ann Arbor makes the food in Washington seem good value.

On Sunday, Martin visited the mineral gallery at the Natural History Museum, and a painting-by-numbers exhibit entitled "Exploring Taste in the Fifties". There was an ad describing P-by-N as the "most relaxing hobby a man could have". Sunday evening we visited Hops, a brew pub, with some of Anne's influential Washington connections (e.g. Warren).

Monday-Wednesday were spent at a patent conference - a butt-numbing means.

On Wednesday evening, we went on a dinner cruise on the Potomac, part of the conference. There was a lot of good fun and dancing. Martin wondered why physics conferences weren't like this - Anne suggested there were women at this conference.

On Thursday, we had lunch in Chinatown. Anne ordered something with tentacles. We zipped around a few museums, and saw sculptures at the Concrete Bagel. There was a Naboo fighter replica in one Smithsonian - strange.

We didn't take many photos, but you've all seen photos of Washington.

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