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Laser The Dog's Competency Framework Analysis

Key competencies include eating, communication skills (e.g. barking), tail-wagging, insane bounding around, and going on walks.

Eating skills exceed expectations. Pellet eating is satisfactory, with above average chomping noise volume. Rawhide chew destruction goes beyond the expected skill set for his grade.

Communication skills are excellent. The dog channels the cumulative misery of the entire canine species since the beginning of time into his repertoire of early morning "let me out of the crate" yowls. Barking has been a key result area.

Tail wagging is a key part of his performance development plan. Progress has been good. Occasionally his tail motion stalls, but wagging can be restarted with management intervention, e.g. petting, touching base with a chew, or by having his tail grabbed and wagged manually.

Insane bounding around has also exceeded expectations in both quantity and deranged quality.

Walking skills have been satisfactory. He still relies on management input to guide him on walks.

Based on this evaluation, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Laser T. Dog to Higher Canine Officer. We are proud to say that he fully meets the requirements of being a dog.

Laser has long-term fullness-of-time prospects of being a Principal Canine Officer.

This approval process was developed by the Dog Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA).

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