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Biped Report 2015

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Dec 27 - EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Museum and the Space Needle.

Dec 26 - Bellevue botanical garden lights.

Dec 17 - William's birthday party - pizza at a restaurant and Star Wars movie.

Dec 10 - William made a glass ornament - actual glass blowing included.

Dec 6 - Looked around Victoria Inner Harbor before heading home.

Dec 5 - BC ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay. Walked around the Butchart Gardens lights in a festive drizzle.

Nov 28 - Museum of Flight. Climbed in the space shuttle trainer cockpit.

Nov 27 - Turkey and stuff. Visited by Heidi, a German shorthaired pointer from Canada. Traditional holiday trip to the Three Rivers Dog Park.

Nov 15 - Burke Museum at UW. William stood next to the "Big W".

Oct 30 - At last - found the Fremont Troll.

Oct 20 - 40th floor coffee in the Columbia Tower.

Oct 18 - William went indoor skydiving, then simulated flying at the Museum of Flight.

Oct 11 - Birthday lunch with Anne's father in Naples.

Oct 10 - Anne's father's 80th birthday party.

Oct 9 - Headed down to Florida.

Oct 4 - walked around Bellevue Botanical Garden while William saw the salmon festival with a friend.

Oct 3 - Glass pumpkin patch.

Sept 25 - Planetarium show at Bellevue Community College.

Sept 20 - Saw a couple of salmon stragglers at the Chittenden Locks fish ladder, followed by an ice cream cruise on Lake Union.

Sept 5 - Crystal Mountain gondola. There was snow at the top.

Sept 1 - First day of 5th grade.

Aug 14 - Aug 24 - visited UK ... read more ...


Jul 18 - Looked at the downtown view from West Seattle.

Jul 15 - Collected another bucket of plums from our yard. Our earthquake emergency food supply is now 80% plum jam.

Jul 12 - Encountered a pod of elk hanging out near North Bend.

Jul 10 - Large scale plum jam making in the kitchen.

Jul 8 - Tessie shredded a large dog bed within hours of receiving it.

Jul 5 - Headed to Detroit airport for a flight back to Seattle.

Jul 4 - Evening community celebration in Bexley, OH. William spent the night at the Hotel Beagle.

Bexley OH

Jul 3 - Dinner with friends in Columbus, OH.

Jul 2 - Wandered around the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. Dinner with Mushroom Mark in Oakmont, PA.

Jul 1 - The main event, the big attraction ... the Kazoo Museum in Eden, NY.

Kazoo Museum, Eden NY
William operating a kazoo making machine

Jun 30 - Science Museum. Dinner at Cerame's, Williams favorite place since his first meatball there at age 1.

Rochester Museum & Science Center

Jun 29 - Montour Falls.

She-Qua-Ga Falls, Montour Falls NY
Shequaga Falls

Jun 28 - Corning Museum of Glass. William was chosen for the glass breaking demonstration, for the third time in three successive visits over two years.

Jun 27 - Horseheads High School graduation.

Jun 26 - Lunch with friends in Ann Arbor. Evening visit to Geneva State Park.

Geneva-on-the-Lake State Park, OH
Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH

Jun 25 - Flew from Seattle to Detroit, MI.

Jun 13 - headed out to the Columbia River.

Vantage, WA
Columbia River Then headed downriver to LIGO near Richland, WA.

May 28 - Whale watch boat ride from Anacortes. We followed a herd of orcas.

May 26 - Egg drop contest at William's school.

Egg drop Spiritridge elementary Bellevue
Egg Drop

May 24 - visited the Canadian Museum of Flight, slightly smaller than the Seattle one. Also visited the Greater Vancouver Zoo, which was large with a low density of animals, and not the best choice for a quick visit.

May 23 - Morning at Vancouver Aquarium, lunch at Prospect Point Cafe, and afternoon at the Anthropology Museum.

May 22 - Drove up to a suburban Vancouver hotel, located between the suburbs of Back and Beyond.

May 12 - bought some mulch.

Some mulch

May 2 - Willimam fed a wallaby at the Outback Kangaroo Farm. Lunch in La Conner followed by a walk up to the bridge over Deception Pass.

April 26 - at Cougar Mountain Zoo, teaching macaws to say Pokemon names. "Piplup" caught on.

April 21 - Science fair.

April 3 - William went indoor skydiving with more adventurous relatives.

April 4 - Headed out to Lake Chelan for the weekend.

Lake Chelan
Lake Chelan

Mar 28 - Seattle Underground Tour. The high spot - a crapper.

Crapper Valveless Waste Preventer No. 814
A crapper

Mar 7 - Whale watch boat ride from Langley, WA. We saw part of a gray whale. A small part.

Mar 1 - Star Wars costume exhibit at the EMP.

Feb 22 - Boeing factory tour. Photography was not allowed, so you'll just have to imagine what a plane looks like.

Feb 18 - Flew back to Seattle from San Jose.

Feb 17 - William visited the Exploratorium in downtown San Francisco.

Feb 15 - Drove across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Feb 14 - Flew down to San Jose. Saw what a 2 million dollar house looks like in Los Altos.

Jan 25 - Late afternoon trip up the Space Needle.

Seattle from Space Needle and Mount Rainier
Seattle and Mount Rainier

Jan 14 - William headed up to Snoqualmie Pass for a lesson with the school ski club.

Jan 11 - visited MOHAI.

Jan 4 - visited the EMP.



Evening trip up the Space Needle.

Seattle from Space Needle
Seattle from Space Needle

Jan 1 - Happy New Year. Lunch in North Bend. Admired Mount Si (the name rhymes with "sigh").

Mt Si
Mount Si, North Bend

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