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Biped Report 2013

Latest Biped Report.

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Nov 10 - Annie arrives from Columbus.

Oct 21 - Fall color.

Fall color - gray

Oct 17 - Seattle from Harborview Medical Center.


Sept 28 - Anne and William spent the day at a cub scout event at Camp Sheppard. The camp themes were rain and allergens.

Sept 22 - Saw salmon lining up along Issaquah Creek, waiting for the fish ladder to be opened.

Sept 15 - Looked around the LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma, home to a wide variety of high performance sports cars, amongst many others.

LeMay Museum

Sept 7 - Ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor. Failed to see whales from Lime Kiln Park.

Anacortes Ferry

Aug 26 - William helped make an orange thing at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Glass blowing

William also gave a glassbreaking demonstration.

Glass breaking

More glass blowing

Aug 18 - Paradise lodge, Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier trail

Aug 11 - Seattle aquarium.

Aug 10 - William petted llamas, wallabies, kangaroos, and a giant tortoise at the Outback Kangaroo Farm in Arlington.

Kangaroo farm (this one went wrong)

Aug 9 - Stopped by the Microsoft visitor center.

River Rush

July 28 - Wandered around Butchart Gardens.

Butchart Gardens

Six hours on the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles, including four and a half hours of boat repairs.

July 27 - Rode the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, and another ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria.

Victoria, BC

Took a harbor taxi to Fishermans Wharf.

Fishermans Wharf

July 14 - Amber collecting on Tiger Mountain, with Geology Adventures.

June 27 - July 7 - visited UK ... read more ...


Jun 16 - Our rental house flooded spectacularly after an upstairs shut-off valve disintegrated. We were out of town, and the neighbours saw water pouring out of a side wall. We're staying in a local hotel.

Lunch at Lana's Hangar Cafe at the Hoquiam airport, motto "It ain't O'Hare."

Jun 15 - Headed off to the beach at Ocean Shores, WA. There was a surprising amount of vehicular and equine activity on the beach itself.

Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores, WA

Ocean Shores
Dog on the beach

Jun 9 - Wandered around Issaquah Salmon Hatchery. The fishlets [really? web editor] were trying to jump up into the inlet pipes.

Jun 8 - Cub Scout BBQ. We skipped the camping part, but stayed for the smores.

Jun 1 - Ferry to Bainbridge Island.

May 27 - Endless trip home, eventually via Stevens Pass.

May 26 - Trolley ride through Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. The wildlife was mostly hiding. Spent the night in Yakima.

May 25 - Visited the Hydroplane & Race Boat Museum in Kent, and then the slightly better known Museum of Flight near the airport.


May 19 - lunch in Leavenworth, a fake Bavarian village.

Leavenworth, Wash.

May 18 - headed out to Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park. The nearby rock shop sold lumps by the pound.

Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park

May 12 - Built sandcastles on Alki Beach.

May 11 - Visited Soaring Eagle Park, which sounds better than Random Suburban Woodland Park. William found a geocaching box near the Pipeline Trail (named after local resident Bob Pipeline).

May 7 - William upgraded from Wolf Scout to Bear Scout.

Issaquah Salmon Hatchery

May 4 - took the ferry across to Bremerton.

Puget Sound

April 21 - Headed out to the nearest beach - Alki Beach in West Seattle. Despite the name, it isn't strewn with empty bottles.

April 20 - Drinks at the top of the Space Needle while William made liquid nitrogen ice cream at the Science Museum.

Space Needle

April 13 - Second day at Legoland.

It was too cold to visit the waterpark, so in the afternoon we headed to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Due to budget contstraints, many animals were replaced by large stuffed toys.

Almost realistic lion stuffies

April 12 - Spent the day at Legoland, the waterpark, and the aquarium.

Lego Driving School

April 11 - flew to LAX and drove on to Carlsbad, CA.

April 8 - Saw the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.

Spruce Goose
Spruce Goose

April 7 - visited the Mythbusters exhibition at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in Portland. Later, William met up with a friend from Rochester, NY, who now lives in Portland.

March 31 - Walked around the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.

Bellevue Botanical Gardens

March 30 - Visited Flaming Geyser State Park. The flaming geyser had actually gone out. Someone had tried lighting it again, unsuccessfully. Also saw the awesome majesty of Bubbling Geyser.

March 28 - Science Fair. William made a poster, showing how bouncy ball bounciness varied with ball temperature and surface type. Some older kids showed up with a robotic frisbee shooter, which was extremely popular.

Bouncy data

March 23 - William hosted a Lego-themed party at the Issaquah community center.

March 17 - Lunch in Chinatown, downtown Seattle.

March 16 - Mythbusters "Behind the Myths" tour reaches downtown Seattle.

March 11 - Our laptop died, brought down by Windows Update. That caused long delays on updating this website.

March 9 - A trip to the Reptile Zoo, and a walk around Wallace Falls state park.

Gangnam Style
Reptile Zoo, Monroe, WA

March 5 - William became a cub scout.

March 3 - Mid-morning snack on top of the Space Needle, and a pm visit to the science center.

Later, we went in search of the Klahanie Bird of Paradise, a rare, exotic bird that looks like a mallard and quacks.

March 2 - Visited the Vasa Park playground. It's actually a private campground, but showed up as a park on our GPS.

Yellow Lake, Klahanie
Klahanie Bird of Paradise

Feb 24 - Dim Sum with Karen.

Feb 23 - Dolphin show at the Vancouver Aquarium, lunch at Prospect Point, and a ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island.

Bowen Island Ferry
Horseshoe Bay, BC

Feb 22 - headed up to Vancouver for the weekend.

Feb 17 - Checked out three local parks - Beaver Lake, Pine Lake, and Sammamish Lake. William endorsed the play areas at Pine Lake.

Feb 16 - Evaluated chocolates from Boehm's Candy, then saw a model builder's show at the Museum of Flight.

Seattle Museum of Flight

Feb 10 - William and a friend from Rochester, NY, ran around Portland Zoo. It was Zoo Mayhem Day, with free admission to everyone.

Feb 9 - William had a play date in Oregon. On the way, we stopped by the Mount St Helens visitor center at Silver Lake. At first, it seemed a long way from the volcano. After watching the video, it seemed too close.

Feb 4 - Freeze, miscreant! We got a ticket from the homeowners assocation for violating Rule 4.9 (trash container in view of the street "from any angle").

Feb 3 - Borrowed some dogs for a walk - dust-mop dogs, trained in advanced leash tangling techniques.

Feb 2 - Walked around a lake in search of the Klahanie Yeti.

Jan 29 - Crime novelist Ian Rankin addressing a crowd in sunny Kirkland, WA.

Ian Rankin Kirkland, WA
Kirkland library

Jan 26 - William spent hours at a Lego building event ("Build it Sammamish") at a nearby town hall. Fortunately, there was a library next door to help us pass the time.

Disk-firing robot

Bonus Spot the William game.

Jan 25 - William spent the evening at a pirate-themed movie, craft, and random play night. We had dinner at the Crab Pot in Bellevue, which we first visited in 2002.

Jan 19 - Met up with Anne's friend Sue at the glass-themed Collections Café, then headed up the Space Needle. All mountains had vanished behind low cloud. The monorail driver let William sound the horn.

Jan 17 - Second grade music show at William's elementary school. William sang a few songs with his class, with an international theme.

Jan 16 - William ran around an empty gym at the local community center.

Jan 13 - Admired the octopus at Seattle Aquarium. Wandered around Pike Market.

Jan 12 - frosty morning at the Cougar Mountain Zoo.

Alpaca feeding

Dreaded Wallaby Menace

Lunch in downtown Issaquah, and checked out a caboose at the Issaquah Depot Museum. Later, we drove up to Snoqualmie Pass to see the sledding opportunities. The place was packed, and we returned without getting out the car.

I-90 to Snoqualmie Pass

Jan 6 - William skyped a friend from Rochester.

Jan 5 - Lunch at Salish Lodge, near Snoqualmie Falls.

Snoqualmie Falls

William acquired a NASA-certified air cleaning plant.

Jan 4 - William's first day at the local elementary school.

Jan 3 - went up the Space Needle and rode the monorail

View from Seattle Space Needle

Jan 1 - Happy New Year. Unpacked air matresses in our new rental house.

Latest Biped Report.

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