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Biped Report 2012

Latest Biped Report.

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Dec 31 - Moved from the North Coast to the West Coast. Flew Rochester (14 inches of snow) - Minneapolis (11 F) - Seattle (42 F, cloudy) on one-way tickets.

Dec 28 - Most of our belongings were loaded onto a truck, which immediately headed out to Boston. So our couch is going on a coast-to-coast trip. Our cars are loaded onto a car trailer.

Moving Day

Dec 25 - Christmas in Horseheads, NY, with cousins and Grandpa.

Dec 18 - William and classmates shared a birthday cake at school.

Dec 14 - Martin visited Issaquah to look at rental houses. We're going to live in Klahanie.

Dec 11 - Martin visited Ann Arbor to return a computer.

Dec 8 - William's birthday party at a local community center. A 70' bouncer was popular, but the real hit was some 4-wheeled interlocking boards, like skateboards but square. Scooters?

Nov 29 - Dec 2 - Unsuccessful house-hunting trip to Bellevue and Issaquah.

October 30 - Damp Day! William's school is closed because it's slightly damp and cloudy outside. Not even drizzle right now.

October 28 - headed back from Niagara Falls. Niagara is a Cayuga Indian word for "place of endless rain."

October 27 - visited Niagara Falls. Plenty of circular dining, with lunch at the Flying Saucer, and dinner at the revolving Skylon restaurant. William liked the jacuzzi in the hotel room.

Niagara Falls

October 20 - long hike around Meridian Park.

October 14 - very short walk around Corbett's Glen.

October 7 - At the science museum to see Sue the T-Rex, or FMNH PR 2081 to her friends. This amazing dinosaur evolved a cast plastic skull to save weight.

Sue the T-Rex

October 6 - William's friend's birthday party at Buckland Park. The theme of the party was "staying warm".

September 29 - Hay themed attractions at Stokoe Farm.

September 26 - William had the day off school, and we spent the morning at the Science Museum.

September 23 - visited Burnap's Farm and the Sodus Lighthouse.

Burnap's Farm Market

September 16 - Saw fossils near Fall Brook Falls, Geneseo.

Fall Brook, lower part of the falls

September 15 - William drove a go-cart for the first time.

Go William Go

September 9 - See it jiggle. Visited the Jello Museum.

September 8 - William gave us a tour of the Eastman House gardens.

September 3 - Oh no! Earth is invaded by Space Chickens!

Space Chickens

August 24 - September 1 - visited Maine ... read more ...

Biddeford, Maine

July 29 - Walked around Stony Brook State Park. William and Anne walked up the river bed itself, looking for dragonflies.

Stony Brook State Park
Stony Brook

July 28 - Lunch in Fairport by the canal and lift-bridge, followed by a large ice cream.

July 26 - William spends the night out at camp.

July 22 - examined fish at Mendon Ponds, and had an early lunch in Naples after William spent about 20 minutes discussing the merits of Canadian bacon.

Hiked out to a beaver pond at the Cumming Nature Center.

Beaver Trail, Cumming Nature Center
Frog spotting

July 21 - Molly was collected by her owners.

July 20 - Evening picnic at Camp Running Around.

July 19 - Late night stay at Camp Running Around. We cooked a couple of lobsters for dinner, definitely not something to try with William around.

July 10 - We're dog-sitting for a week.

Molly the Dog
Molly the Dog

July 8 - returned from visiting William's grandparents in the UK ... read more ...

Buckden, Yorkshire
Quick, grab the camera, the sun's out!

June 25 - Bought William a fleece and squall jacket for his summer vacation in the UK.

June 24 - hiked up Watkins Glen.

Watkins Glen
Watkins Glen, NY

June 17 - Lunch at Doug's Fish Fry in Skaneateles. Headed up to Fairhaven Beach State Park, but it was hot, crowded, and a State Aquatic Algae Preserve. Called in Burnap's Farm Market for some strawberries.

June 16 - Sprog convention at the CharBroil.

June 10 - in Horseheads to see William's grandpa.

June 2 - walked from Perinton Park to the Faiport Canal Days festival.

Fairport lift bridge
Fairport Lift Bridge, Fairport NY

May 28 - ambled around Corbetts Glen.

Postcard Falls, Corbetts Glen
Postcard Falls, Brighton

May 27 - Fish feeding and esker climbing at Powder Mills Park.

May 26 - visited Marineland, Niagara Falls.

William pets Orion the beluga whale

Vertical take-off dolphin (VTOD)

May 24 - Trip to the dollar store to stock up on water spraying gadgets.

May 22 - William received a Razor scooter in the mail. Great excitement.

May 20 - Walked along the boardwalk near Durand Lake. Inspected a bunch of iridescent green beetles.

May 17 - Evening visit to the Lilac Festival.

Slide at the Lilac Festival

May 13 - Walked along the riverside boardwalk at Turning Point Park. Afternoon trip to the Lilac Festival.

May 10 - William is now effortlessly cycling around a local parking lot.

May 5 - Imagine RIT, an "innovation festival" at the local university. William controlled an avatar, marshalled an army, steered a couple of robots, played a Lego guitar, and ate liquid nitrogen ice cream.

William's hot dance moves are captured and analyzed

Later, William rode his bike unaided across a deserted parking lot.

April 29 - William rode his bike without stabilizers, for several feet.

April 28 - saw a Lego building event at Eastview Mall, Victor, NY. William helped out, and got a certificate. There was an impressively long line to get into the actual Lego store, so we skipped that.

Lego store, Victor, NY
Lego building, Victor, NY

April 19 - 23, 2012 - visited William's grandpa in Florida ... read more ...

April 16 - trip to the Lego store in Eastview Mall, Victor, NY. Yes - it was open before the "Grand Opening" later this month.

April 15 - Wildlife safari in Tinker Nature Park, Henrietta. We eventually spotted the elusive Canada Goose.

April 14 - walked around Corbett's Glen Nature Park.

Corbett's Glen - The Niagara Falls of Brighton, NY

April 9 - Returned to Rochester, via lunch in Conneaut.

April 8 - Dinner with Ray and Jan in Bay Village, Ohio. Walked down to Columbia Park Beach.

April 7 - started with metro Cleveland's #1 attraction: the Lego store in Beachwood, Ohio. Lunch at Cleveland Museum of Natural History, where William explored the south end of a north-bound stegosaurus.

Cleveland Steggo Thagomizer
Mind the thagomizer

Met up with Ray, Jan, Annie, and assorted kids at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. This is a relatively new attraction that considers itself too cool for signposts, so it took us a long time to find it.

Greater Cleveland Aquarium
Somewhat blurry William in the shark tunnel

Ray fondling tank

Shark tunnel - Photo by William

Dinner in downtown Cleveland, near Voinovich Park.

Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

April 6 - Headed out to the state park lodge at Geneva on the Lake, Ohio. Most of the strip was closed down, but William liked the old-style arcade.

March 18 - Brick City Junior FIRST LEGO League Expo at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). William was part of Team Lego Monster, which won an award. (Actually, everyone won an award). The Lego model had a motorized ice-cream stirrer.

RIT Junior first lego league
Team Lego Monster receives an award

RIT Junior first lego league
Interrogation room

RIT Junior first lego league
Lego poster and demo

March 12 - William designed and built a leprechaun trap.

Leprechaun trap
Leprechaun trap

March 11 - In William's opinion, Grandpa's rental Chevy Impala looks just as nice as Aunt Betsy's Audi A4.

Hauled some furniture back to Rochester.

March 10 - William played at the Sciencenter while Anne helped her father pack. Family dinner in Sayre, PA.

Launch missiles

Sciencenter, Ithaca, NY

March 9 - headed down to Newark Valley, NY, to see how Anne's father is doing with packing for a move to Florida. ("Could Do Better").

Feb 23 - 26 - - visited Ottawa, Canada ... read more ...

Feb 18 - William asked for a new web page to be set up - Fish News.

Feb 13 - Visited the Museum of the Earth. It contains lots of rocks and fossils, including large lumps of coprolite.

Mastodon menace

Jan 28 - Looked around the Eastman House while William was on a play date.

Jan 23 - Set up a 20 gallon fish tank for guppies (fish actually named after Bob Guppy). Brian the Betta got his own 3 gallon tank.

Jan 15 - William went sledding.

Jan 13 - First serious snow of winter.

Brighton, NY

Jan 8 - Played Lego Civil Unrest with William on the Wii. It involved destroying a city with light sabers. We then saw a 3D movie - the extra dimension was unexpected and led to headaches and crankiness. Later, William closely inspected various turtles at the Lamberton Conservatory.

Jan 7 - hiked around Mendon Ponds in the warm-ish sunshine.

Stick menace

Jan 2 - Happy New Year.

Jan 1, 2012 - returned from visiting William's grandparents in the UK ... read more ...

Latest Biped Report.

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