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Biped Report 2011

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December 22 - Jan 1, 2012 - Visited William's grandparents in the UK ... read more ...

Snake Pit

Dec 11 - Santa took time from his busy schedule to tour the neighborhood in a fire truck.

Evans Farm Santa
Jingle Sirens! Santa returns to his fire truck

Evans Farm Santa
Santa has a fake beard?

Dec 10 - William's birthday party at a local community center. The high spot was the 70 ft long bouncer.


The party conflicted with Family Optics Night, but observant relatives can see William at last year's event (during the second minute).

Dec 5 - Arranged the light emitting diodes around our plastic Christmas tree (there should be a song about that).

Dec 4 - hike to see the Niagara Falls of Brighton, in Corbett's Glen. Fetched our Christmas tree from the basement.

Dec 3 - Planetarium show about galaxies. Anne fell asleep.

Nov 19 - Harvesting milkweed pods at Ganondagan State Historic Park.

Nov 17 - First snow on the ground this fall, followed by Junior FIRST Lego League. It doesn't get any better (when you're six).

Snow! Exciting for some.

Nov 12 - On safari at Tinker Nature Park, hoping to see the "Big Five" (chickadee, squirrel, chipmunk, dog, deer). No chipmunk or dog.

Oct 31 - You can't collect too much candy, apparently.

"No, I'm not Anakin, I'm Obi Wan".

Oct 30 - Grandpa arrived to help carve pumpkins.

Oct 23 - Cider, donuts, hayride, corn maze, and slides at Stokoe Farms, Shortsville, NY.

Stokoe Farm
Stokoe Farms slide.

Oct 22 - Grandpa's birthday brunch in Horseheads, NY. Horse heads were not on the menu.

Oct 9 - Apple and pumpkin picking at Burnap Farm, and climbed to the top of the Sodus Point Lighthouse.

Burnap Farm Market, Sodus
Pumpkin picking.

Sodus Point Lighthouse Museum
Sodus Point, from old lighthouse.

Oct 1 - Dolphin show, and William petted a Beluga whale at Marineland, Niagara Falls.

Beluga, Marineland, Canada
Peanut the Beluga.

Belugas, Marineland, Canada
Random belugas.

Niagara Falls
Some waterfall, can't remember the name.

Sept 24 - Epic hike around Ganondagan State Historic Site. "Ganondagan" is a Seneca term that means "trail that doesn't loop back to the visitor center."

Sept 18 - William bounced on the huge jump pillow at Wickham Farm.

Sept 11 - William spent the afternoon at Seabreeze Amusement Park.

Sept 10 - Trip to the beach at Sodus Point.

Sept 6 - William's first day at school, in first grade.

School Bus
First day.

Sept 4 - Saw a petting zoo and waterfalls at Letchworth State Park.

Giant chair at Letchworth

Sept 2 - William has a new fish, called Brian.

Brian the Betta
Brian the Betta

Aug 31 - Class #1 of the Junior FIRST LEGO League. The theme is "Snack Attack" - demonstrating food safety aspects using Lego.

Aug 30 - Open house at William's school, where we met his first grade teacher Mrs. Fiore.

Aug 19 - 28 - Visited Rye, New Hampshire ... read more ...

Jenness Beach
New Hampshire

Aug 14 - William rode in his Grandpa's Jagulet (Jaguar/Chevrolet combination) as it drove along in the Newark Valley Days parade.

Newark Valley Days 2011 parade
Photo - Betsy News Service

Newark Valley Days parade
William enters the parade vehicle

Newark Valley Days parade
Parade - Main Street, Newark Valley, NY

Newark Valley Days 2011 parade
Grandpa drove while William threw candy at random bystanders

Later, we set sail on William's uncle's boat, the Attack Ferret.

SY Attack Ferret
William and cruising yacht "Attack Ferret"

Aaaaargh! It was Pirates Night at the Ithaca Yacht club, and William and his cousins dressed up in pirate garb, including bandanna and eyepatch. Aaaargh!

Aug 7 - Anne and William rode the Dentzel Carousel at Ontario Beach Park. Later, we had ice cream at the old ferry terminal building.

We also encountered the Eye of Quaarg while William was on a play date.

Actually, it's a really ugly sink
Eye of Quaarg

Jul 31 - Looked around the Ontario Science Center. It's built on the side of a ravine, with floor numbers (unconventionally) increasing as you go downhill using an endless series of escalators. Eventually we figured it out.

Headed back to Rochester in the afternoon, stopping at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton to let a traffic queue on the QEW dissipate.

Jul 30 - Ambled around Toronto Zoo.

Toronto Zoo
Toronto Zoo

William interrogated a volunteer extensively about the penguins. Other memorable animals included giraffes, extremely hot polar bears,a komodo dragon, and a tree kangaroo. It was nice in the morning, and way too hot in the afternoon. We had a very good dinner at the "My Kitchen" restaurant opposite the hotel in Richmond Hill, finding out what things were by ordering them.

Toronto Zoo
I'm too cool for this zoo

Jul 29 - drove out to Toronto.

Jul 11 - arrived back in Rochester very late.

Jul 10 - Saw a T-Rex at the the Field Museum (a fossil, not a live one).

Sue the T-Rex - Field Museum
Sue the T-Rex (for pain and suffering due to reckless biting)

Stegosaurus - Field Museum
A thagomizer

Lunch at the planetarium, then a couple of space shows.

Adler Planetarium
Blast off.

Zipped at impressively high speed to the top of the John Hancock building.

Jul 9 - Headed out to Chicago, via Buffalo Airport.

Encountered the Awesome Epic Queue of Doom at the aquarium. Some people believe that this is deliberate, to encourage people to buy a City Pass. It worked on us. The dolphin show seemed a bit anemic, compared with Marineland. Also, our photos showed that many fish were a bit blurry.

Located Chicago's #1 attraction, the Lego store at the Water Tower center.

Water tower mall
Lego store.

Jul 4 - Saw airplanes and fire trucks at Penn Yann. Drove alongside the parade in Canandaigua on the wrong side of the road (under police direction).

Penn Yann fire truck.

Ambled around the Brighton (NY) 4th of July celebration fair at Meridian Centre Park. William got good value for his all-you-can-bounce pass.

Bounce slide.

Jul 3 - Sandwiches and ice cream at Burnap's Farm Market near Sodus Point. William quality tested some cherries and blueberries on the way home.

Jul 2 - Lunch with Grandpa in Watkins Glen. Fish feeding in Mendon Ponds.

Jul 1 - Walked around the old ferry terminal, and then headed out to Brockport.

Jun 26 - Checked out William's summer camp ("Camp Running Around and Losing Things.")

Jun 25 - Dinner in Skaneateles with Eric and Nancy.

Jun 21 - William graduated from kindergarten. There was a small ceremony, with singing, certificates, a slide show, and ice cream.

Jun 11 - Lunch in Fairport, followed by a play date. Unclear where the day went.

Jun 9 - More soccer practice. Everyone wears bright green Brighton Soccer League shirts, so the end result is usually a formless green melee.

Jun 7 - First evening of Brighton Soccer. Followed a parade of minivans to Buckland Park.

Jun 5 - An impressive thistle harvest from our yard. Bought some new plants to take their place, but it was too hot to plant them.

Jun 4 - Lunch in Hammondsport, then wandered around the Curtiss Museum looking at old planes. Lab retrieval in the museum parking lot - we got Laser back from Grandpa.

May 30 - William decorated his bike and joined in the EFNA Memorial Day Bike Parade.

Brighton EFNA Memorial Day Parade
2011 Memorial Day Parade.

May 20 - 29 - Visited Dorset, UK ... read more ...

May 18 - Walked around the Lilac Festival, to see lilacs in the rain.

May 8 - Hiked around Corbetts Glen, and saw the micro-waterfall. For more waterfall action, we walked across the bridge near High Falls, and looked around the visitor center. High Falls is such a neglected tourist attraction that it was surprising to find anything open.

Apr 29 - William has a new bike.


Apr 28 - Canal-side dining in Fairport.

Apr 27 - Impressive amounts of rain.

Apr 24 - Easter egg hunt in Newark Valley.

Apr 23 - William saw the National Soaring Museum on Harris Hill in Elmira, NY. Soaring is some kind of politically correct term for gliding, not that there's anything wrong with that.

April 8 - 12 - Visited Arizona ... read more ...

Meteor Crater

Mar 31 - Evening guided tour of William's elementary school, where he's going this fall.

Mar 26 - Lunch in Watkins Glen, next to Seneca Lake, then looked around the Corning Museum of Glass.


Mar 19 - Lunch at the Lighthouse Diner in Point Breeze. Drove out along Lake Ontario to Olcott Beach.

Point Breeze
Oak Orchard Harbor Lighthouse.

Mar 15 - William grew an enormous crystal of ammonium sulfate using a crystal growing kit.

Mar 12 - Maple syrup making at Genesee Village.

Mar 6 - Drove back to Rochester through a significant blizzard.

Mar 5 - In Ithaca, visiting William's cousins. Visited Museum of the Earth and looked for fossils in a bin of rock fragments.

Feb 27 - Snowshoeing around the local park.

Feb 26 - Finally got around to making the annual snow triceratops.

Feb 20 - William was invited to a friend's birthday party at Total Sports Experience. It was mostly a Total Running Around experience.

Feb 19 - Driving icy winds and snow made watching William's morning ski lesson a chilly experience.

Feb 12 - William's second ski lesson. There was too much fresh snow falling to slide properly, so he had to bunny hop down the gentle slope.

Feb 5 - William's first ski lesson.

Skiing at Powdermills Park

Powder Mills Park
Powder Mills Park

Feb 2 - Disappointing amount of snow after all the alarmist forecasts.

Feb 1 - A few snow flurries forecast tonight.

Jan 30 - A busy day for William, swimming lessons, a lunch date, and a play date.

Jan 23 - A little brisk this morning. Looked back in fondness to the days when it was 16F.

Jan 17 - Returned to Rochester. It warmed up to around 16F in the afternoon.

Jan 16 - Stopped snowing, mostly because it became too cold to snow. That didn't stop us seeing Niagara Falls' big falling-water themed attraction - the Hydro-Teslatron at the Fallsview Casino mall.

Tesla Hydro Fountain
Behold! The Tesla-Hydro-Fountain-inator.

William's cultural education continued with the Dukes of Hazzard car.

General Lee
The General Lee.

Later - we checked out Niagara-on-the-Lake (just as cold), and returned to the casino mall for dinner, mostly because of its indoor parking and also for fallsview dining (maximum zoom required for photos).

Niagara Falls
Dinner at the Golden Lotus, Niagara Falls.

Jan 15 - Headed out to Niagara Falls, Ontario, for a couple of nights. Braved the Driving Snow Blizzard Vortex on the way to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Dining in a plastic jungle with simulated thunderstorms and animatronic gorillas - it doesn't get any better than this (on Clifton Hill, anyway).

Rainforest Cafe in Snow
Niagara Falls.

William persuaded us to see Brick City again. We still can't find the rat.

Jan 12 - Things that are nice in small doses, number 1 in a series: snow.

Our back yard.

Jan 10 - Our dining room was once the train room, and is now the Lego room.

Jan 3 - Geodesic domes and a giraffe head - it must be the Wizard of Clay.

Wizard of Clay
An everyday sight.

Jan 1 - Happy New Year.

Latest Biped Report.

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