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Biped Report 2010

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Dec 31 - Laser show at the planetarium, but with no dogs. Celebrated the New Year at 7 pm, to the chimes of Big Ben.

Dec 30 - Saw a flying boat at the Curtiss museum.

Dec 29 - The Thomas railroad set was taken out of storage and resurrected in the new basement playroom. We now have a track extending over two tables and descending to the floor.

Dec 27 - Lunch at Kelly's Dock-Side Cafe in Ithaca. William talked the waitress's ears off.

Dec 26 - Boxing Day in Newark Valley, with grandpa and cousins.

Dec 25 - Christmas at home.

Dec 21 - Finished our great basement clear-out and painting project. We covered the tiled concrete floor with interlocking foam squares.

Dec 18 - Birthday party at the Science Museum, with a space theme including high-tech space helmets.

High-tech space helmet.

Dec 11 - Family Optics Night at the University of Rochester. William saw a 3D movie, made a cholesteric liquid crystal based mood patch, imaged himself in IR, and scribbled grafitti with a laser pointer. We scrambled around the icy roof of the building in a quest to find the telescope, but William was too cold to want to look through it.

Laser Graffiti
Laser Graffiti

Fun with Fluorescence

Nov 28 - Lunch at the Blue Dolphin in Apalachin, NY. William acquired a hexbug nano from his Aunt Betsy. Returned Grandpa to Newark Valley, and liberated Laser from the dog hotel.

Nov 27 - saw dinosaurs, meteorites, and a blue whale at the American Museum of Natural History.

Nov 26 - rode the Metro North railroad from Irvington into Grand Central Station, New York. Lunch at the Oyster Bar. Saw the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall. William scored a Lego City fire boat from the LEGO Store at Rockefeller Center.

Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall

Nov 25 - Thanksgiving dinner in Newark Valley.

Nov 23 - bought a new car, just in time for a Thanksgiving holiday trip.

Nov 6 - It's snowing! William was very excited, the larger bipeds less so.

Oct 31 - Lunch at the Flying Saucer restaurant, which has a distinctive circular shape that reminded us of something. Looked around the Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant.

William dressed up as a multi-armed alien and went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

Oct 30 - William's last soccer practice. Everyone received medals.

Drove to Niagara Falls, Ontario, and saw the magnificent waterfall close up, rendered in Lego at Brick City.

Dinner in the revolving restaurant at the top of Skylon Tower.

American Falls
American Falls.

Oct 24 - Cider, donuts, and goat feeding at Long Acre Farms, Macedon, NY.

Oct 23 - Play date at the Science Museum. William made slime and fake blood at the National Chemistry Week demonstrations.

Oct 17 - Hiked through the woods to a scenic digger. William spent the morning at the playground. Excellent lunch at JC's in Burton, Ohio.

Oct 15 - Chicken holding, candle dipping, corn plucking, and more chicken holding at Ridgeview Farm, Middlefield, Ohio. The locals arrived in droves for the pig races.

Ridgeview Farm, Ohio
Chicken holding at Ridgeview Farm.

Broke into two groups (slowed by an old beagle/ not slowed by an old beagle) for a hike around the woods. Party at our cabin.

Oct 15 - Rented a cabin at Punderson State Park, near Cleveland. Anne's friend Annie was there with her 4 children. Ray and co. arrived later.

Oct 10 - Extreme bouncing on a giant jumping pillow at Wickham Farms, Penfield. William also had swimming lessons and saw his two cousins at Jay's Diner.

Oct 9 - Martin was in Cooperstown, NY, for a meeting. The Otesaga Hotel is New York's answer to the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island.

Otesaga Resort Hotel and Lake
Otesaga Lake.

Oct 3 - William went to a birthday party at a pottery shop. Racing around followed - a sign it was time to leave.

Oct 2 - Kindergarten soccer in the morning. Fortunately, there are several very skilled players that can handle the difficult aspects (like scoring goals).

Sept 17 - William came home from kindergarten with a moose, and a moose book to describe moosoid [moosic? web editor] weekend activities.

Sept 12 - Worked on our endless basement clear-out project while William spent the afternoon on a play date.

Sept 11 - Afternoon watching the dolphins, seals, orcas, and belugas at Marineland, Niagara Falls.

Flying dolphin.

Hovering dolphin.

Dinner in Olcott Beach. Squinted at the CN tower, a speck in the distance across the lake.

Sept 8 - William's first day of school (kindergarten, as they call it here).

Sept 6 - Lunch in Fairport, and afternoon at the science museum. Lasers, earthquakes, and remote controlled submarines.

Sept 4 - Kite flying in violent winds under a steel-gray sky.

Sept 3 - The outdoor gas-lit carriage light fell over in mysterious circumstances. Anne notified the local gas company, which resulted in the arrival of a fireman's pick-up truck, a full-sized fire engine, an excavator, a truck-pulled trailer (to carry the excavator), a dump truck, two electric company vans, and a water company van.

There's a digger on our lawn.

Aug 29 - William rode his first roller-coaster at Seabreeze Amusement Park.

Aug 28 - Wandered around Genesee Country Village, a pretend village made from genuinely old buildings trucked in from the surrounding towns. Some historical reenactors were subjected to intense interrogations by a 5-year old.

Caught the end of a neighborhood picnic, which included a very popular bounce house.

Aug 19 - For the first time, William placed a tooth under his pillow.

Aug 15 - William saw a play - Alexander and the Extremely Inadequate and Arguably Substandard Day.

Aug 14 - New Space Curtains for William's room.

Aug 8 - Lunch at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Point Breeze, and inspected the Oak Orchard Harbor lighthouse nearby (a realistic looking but fake lighthouse - no, we don't understand this either). Another trip to the Medina Railroad Museum to see their enormous model train layout.

Hiked up and down steps, traversed an enormous underground water pipe, and rode a wobbly boat through the (manmade) Lockport Cave.

Lockport Cave.

Finally, William was gently rotated on some harmless rides at the Olcott Beach Carousel Park.

Aug 1 - William rode a bus to the Buffalo Bills training camp, to jump up and down on the bouncy houses.

July 31 - Encountered butterflies at the Strong Museum. Afterwards, we took a boat ride on the Mary Jemison, an old wooden boat named after the waterfall-jumping daredevil Sam Patch.

Rochester, NY.

July 30 - William enjoyed the spray park at Camp Arrowhead.

July 25 - In Groton, NY, where William was menaced by two mean, growling labradors running loose on the street. Feral labradors - who could imagine it? Returned home via Doug's Fish Fry in Skaneateles, where William ate an enormous blueberry sundae.

July 24 - Headed off to Newark Valley. Unfortunately, we drove into a huge garage sale on NY Route 90. This is an enormous Festival of Junk that attracts crowds from across the state. A warning sign would have been appreciated, as it took an eternity to get through the first few miles to a turnoff.

William spent the night at his cousin's house.

July 18 - More play dates. William swung on a rope for the first time.

July 17 - We installed a pool in our yard. It cost $25 and is a wonder of vinyl technology. William had a play date at a friend's house, and asked us to go away when we showed up half an hour early to pick him up.

July 2 - July 10 Visited Gloucester, Massachusetts ... read more ...

Gloucester whale watch
Gloucester, Mass

June 20 - Visited the science museum.

Lasers (non-canine type).

June 19 - lunch at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Point Breeze, NY, followed by ice cream at Brown's Berry Patch nearby. Drove home snacking on a large container of strawberries.

June 12 - Neighborhood yard sale day. William bought a soccer ball and a referee's kit, both for $2.

June 11 - An evening trip to the Strong Museum with a day care friend.

June 9 - A mallard duck has laid a nest of eggs in our front yard. We could see the eggs in the morning, but by the afternoon the foliage had been reconfigured to completely hide both eggs and duck.

May 31 - We joined the end of the neighborhood Memorial Day Parade as it passed by our house. William saw someone from his local preschool, and organized a play date.

Fire Truck
Memorial Day Parade.

May 22 - 30 - Visited the UK ... read more ...

May 14 - visited Pittsburgh

May 11 - walked around the lilacs at Highland Park.

April 27 - A surprise snowstorm, the first snow since the end of February. The dog wasn't impressed.

April 25 - Lunch at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Point Breeze, NY. William persuaded them to make some breakfast pancakes for lunch. The fries were surprisingly excellent, and we'll go back soon. Afterwards, we headed out to the Medina Railroad Museum. Of course, we ended up buying their Day Out with Thomas tickets.

April 24 - The local pet adoption society had a fundraising fair, with goats, sheep shearing, and what every yard needs, a giant fiberglass cow.

Lollypop Farm Animal Adoption - Farm Days
Large Bovine Individual.

April 18 - visited the Buffalo Naval Park. It seems too far from the sea to have a naval park, but there it was.

Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park
Buffalo Naval Park.

April 17 - visited the science museum.

April 11 - William cycled to the local park, under supervision.

April 4 - Ambled through Newark Valley. On the way home, we stopped at Shequaga Falls, near Watkins Glen.

April 3 - William hit the playground at Trout Ponds Park, Newark Valley. Then - bird action at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology in Sapsucker Woods, Ithaca. We saw a heron and assorted ducks floating around doing duck-type things. Later, William met one of his day care teachers at a dollar store in Ithaca.

April 2 - Drove down to Newark Valley, via an ice cream stand.

March 31 - The first time since records began that Rochester did not get any snow in March.

March 28 - Saw maple sap dribbling out of the trees at Genesee Village.

Genesee Village
Sugar maple trail.

We bought William a bicycle. It came in a box as a kit.

Engineering project.

March 26 - Another trip to the Strong Museum with a day care friend. Yes - this has turned into a Friday evening routine.

March 21 - Nice enough to go down to the playground for the first time this year.

March 19 - visited the Strong Museum with a day care friend.

March 06 - day trip to Hammondsport. William fell asleep on the way, and wasn't happy when he woke up.

Feb 27 - Anne bought us all snowshoes. These turned out to be magic snowshoes, as the snow immediately melted, never to return this winter.

Last of the snow.

Feb 26 - We have a lot of snow.

Feb 22 - A daytrip around Keuka lake, for lunch and wine tasting.

Feb 21 - Saw the spring flowers inside the Eastman House.

Feb 14 - visited Anne's father. William stayed at his cousin's house.

Feb 13 - Lunch at the North Shore Grill, at the north end of Conesus Lake. There were a lot of ice fishermen on the lake. Fortunately, the lake was frozen. William spent the night at his cousin's.

Feb 12 - Chinese New Year celebrations at the Golden Dynasty in Tops Plaza. Extremely impressive dragon dancers along with enthusiastic drum hammering. The main drum was approximately 3 feet from our table, and registering on seismographs around the world.

Feb 7 - William visited the Strong Museum with his cousin, and acquired a rubber-armed howler monkey.

Feb 5 - Saw the new dinosaur exhibit at the RMSC. The animatronics were loud. We played a computer game in which your dinosaur had to survive the Cretaceous. One of our triceratops was taken out by a T-rex, but the others survived. Later, we built a snow triceratops in the yard.

In the evening, William's cousins arrived for the weekend.

Jan 29 - Evening trip to the Strong Museum, where William met up with a day care friend.

Jan 16 - 18 - Visited Ottawa, Canada ... read more ...


Jan 9 - Another birthday party for a friend from day care, this time at an indoor playground.

Jan 4 - Made maple taffy by pouring very hot maple syrup on to fresh snow. We have no shortage of fresh snow.

Jan 2 - William went to a day care friend's party at the zoo. The kids saw exotic animals up close - a duck and an enormously fat rabbit.

Mendon Ponds
It's cold. Let's go home.

Jan 1 - Cold and snowy. Went to Mendon Ponds park to feed the birds, but William quickly objected to the cold.

An evening visit to the Strong Museum, but it wasn't the same without the usual day care crowd.

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