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Biped Report 2009

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Dec 31 - William had a cookie decorating party with some day care friends. Most of the time was spent playing.

Celebrated the New Year at 7 pm, listening to Big Ben on the phone while drinking a champagne-style beverage.

Dec 30 - Excellent lunch at Doug's Fish Fry in Skaneateles. Later we saw some still-swimming fish in Waterloo, NY.

William with fish
William with fish

Dec 29 - William spent a long time in the playroom at the National Museum of Racing, Saratoga Springs. In the afternoon it warmed up to 14 F.

Dec 28 - Morning visit to the Children's Museum in Saratoga Springs. Lunch at a mall, then swimming in the afternoon.

Sunny Saratoga Springs, NY

Dec 27 - Drove out to Saratoga Springs. It's a beautiful city ... in summer.

Dec 26 - William visited his cousins.

Dec 25 - More presents! How is that possible?

Dec 24 - Drove down to Newark Valley, NY.

Dec 19 - A party at the Seneca Park zoo with 12 other children. Pizza, ice cream, a chinchilla, and a turtle were passed around. Everyone was led down to the polar bear exhibit to see animals better adapted to a Rochester winter.

Zoo Party
Maggie Moo Ice Cream Cake

Dec 18 - William is 5. There was a small party at day care, with crackers (the sort you pull), hats, and a fruit salad. William spent the evening at the Strong Museum with a couple of daycare friends.

Dec 14 - we finished decorating the tree.

William, tree, and LEDs

Dec 12 - Rode the Holly Trolley at the New York Museum of Transportation.

Holly Trolley

Nerd Alert! OSA Optics Family Night at the University of Rochester. William saw a mood patch made for him using a cholesteric liquid crystal, watched laser light interfering and going round fiber optics, saw his skin under reflection confocal microscopy, fluoresced, rubbed an ice cube on his face for thermal imaging, and ran up and down corridors with a friend from daycare.

Dec 6 - Lunch at the Frick Museum. Saw some very old cars and carriages. Driving back to Rochester, William insisted we stop, and we ended up at a small, obscure historical museum which opened up specially for people (us) hanging around outside.

Dec 5 - Walked through a submarine at the Carnegie Museum of Science, rode the Duquesne Incline, and saw dinosaurs at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Dec 4 - Drove to Pittsburgh.

Dec 1 - A couple of inches of snow. William found a larger biped willing to pull him round the yard on his sled.

Nov 28 - Santa train ride from Shortsville, NY.

Finger Lakes railroad
The spirit of Christmas - silly hats and balloon muppets

Nov 27 - Operation Get Out The House launched. Morning trip to the zoo, then an afternoon visit to the science museum. First major frozen precipitation of the fall - a vigorous spattering of hail.

Nov 26 - Thanksgiving. Mostly sitting around in an overfed stupor. Unclear where the day went.

Nov 14 - William went to the local farmers' market (what's left of it). Later, planted more bulbs, and William played in a giant leaf pile. Some neighbor kids joined in. A very nice day - no need for sweaters or jackets.

Leaf mountain
Leaf mountain

Nov 13 - Another evening trip to the Strong Museum, with a group from daycare.

Nov 10 - We put up a bird feeder, and had a couple of large gray furry birds sitting on it this morning.

Furry Birds
Furry gray birds.

Nov 7 - Sunny and warm - a good day for planting a stack of bulbs. Then drove out to the Medina Railroad Museum.

Oct 31 - William went out trick-or-treating.

Oct 25 - Finally pulled up some enormous radish plants in our yard, narrowly averting global radish domination.

Oct 24 - William painted a pumpkin and we put it out on the porch. We didn't bother scooping out the goopy insides, but we had outside help with that.

Squirrelly breakfast

Oct 18 - Saw an elephant at the zoo (peering in through the outside fence, as the zoo was too crowded to go in). Lunch in Charlotte, at the certified ferry-free ferry terminal. Later, William had swimming lessons, and helped make apple sauce using an advanced techno-gadget (a Foley Food Mill).

Genesee river gorge
Genesee river gorge.

Oct 17 - The Science Museum was extremely busy due to a Titanic-themed exhibit. We skipped that. The laser and optics room was nearly empty.

Oct 10 - saw Beluga whales, walrus feeding, and a dolphin show at Marineland, Niagara Falls.

Arctic Cove, Marineland
William and whales.

Dolphin show.

Oct 9 - Evening at the Strong Museum. William met up with one of his day care friends (again).

Oct 4 - William scored a wooden helicopter and a pumpkin at the Newark Valley Apple Festival. There was also a rope making demonstration, corn abuse, a lot of apples, and a horse-drawn carriage ride. William informed the carriage driver that he should dress and talk like a cowboy.

Later, we looked around the DIRT Hall of Fame and Classic Car Museum in Weedsport, NY. William liked all the older cars.

Oct 3 - Operation Dog Rescue - headed down to Newark Valley to retrieve our canine. Stopped at the Goose Watch winery.

Oct 2 - An evening visit to the Strong Museum along with one of William's day care friends.

Sept 27 - The larger bipeds sat around like stunned mullets. William was as energetic and loud as usual.

Sept 18 - 26 - Visited the UK ... read more ...

Le Mardi Gras
Captain William.

Sept 13 - Lunch in Sodus Point, followed by the Sodus Point Lighthouse Museum. Bought peaches and apples from Burnap's Farm.

Burnap's Farm Market, Sodus Point.

We also bought a small plastic microscope for research purposes.

Sept 12 - Saw the Strong Museum and its Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden. For some reason, there was a bevy of quail chicks running around.

Sept 6 - Trip to the Electric City Trolley Museum in Scranton. Rode a trolley through a mile-long tunnel. There were also several steam trains chugging around in some kind of rail festival (Railfest 2009).

ECTMA trolley
PNC Field, Scranton, PA.

Sept 5 - visited Newark Valley, NY.

August 16 - Saw a parade of speeders (track cars) in Clifton Springs. Later, William had a swimming lesson and visited the Science Museum.

RMSC Light Here, Light Now Exhibit


August 15 - Went out to the Lift Bridge Bookstore in Brockport, and saw a model aircraft show.

August 9 - drove out to the Medina Railroad Museum.

August 8 - William's first swimming lesson. Later, we saw a large diesel train and a couple of old tractors in Victor.

July 31 - an evening visit to the Strong Museum.

July 28 - William picked out a large ice cream cake at the grocery store.

July 26 - Saw glass being abused at the Corning Museum of Glass. William's favorite demonstration was someone making a small glass kangaroo. It's been Australia Week at William's day care. Our main reason for going to the museum was to hand off our lawn mower in the parking lot. [what on earth does this mean? web editor]

Later, we cruised around Seneca Lake on Captain Bill's boat "Stroller IV". William sat at the steering wheel [helm? web editor] for a minute or so, so he was Captain Bill as well. Dinner at the Wildflower Cafe/Rooster Fish Brewpub in Watkin's Glen.

July 25 - Walked around the antique boat show at Skaneateles. We wanted to have lunch at Doug's Fish Fry, but they were too busy. We consoled ourselves with their Fresh Blueberry Sundae, eaten on a bench on the street outside.

Later, we stopped by the Seward House in Auburn, and were demographically categorized as unlikely candidates for the 1.5 hour guided tour. One of the friendly volunteers gave us the 10 minute whisk round. William H. Seward bought Alaska from the Russians, who had enough bears already.

July 24 - An evening visit to the Strong Museum. At the end of the evening, there was a parade around the museum and out to the lobby, set to a well known classical march called the "Here We Go" music. [isn't this "Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Philip Sousa? - web editor]

July 19 - Laser Action at the Science Museum. No, not Laser the Dog. Lasers that don't fill the room with the odor of partially digested rawhide.

Light Here, Light Now Exhibit
RMSC Laser Beams.

July 18 - Fed the fish at Powder Mills Park. William was splashed in the extreme trout feeding action. Cruised the Erie Canal on the Sam Patch, a replica packet boat, and went up and down in a huge canal lock.

Later, William fell asleep in the van, so we drove out to Sodus Point to see the lighthouse.

July 10 - Visited the Geneseo Air Show.

HAG Hangar.

July 9 - William can now spell "William" (out loud). He can't spell "rhinoceros" yet.

William is demanding to press the "w", so here goes: wwwww4wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

July 5 - Returned to Rochester from Kelleys Island.

June 27 - Visited Kelleys Island, Ohio ... read more ...

Kelleys Island fireworks July 4 2009
Kelleys Island

June 21 - Saw an optics exhibit at the Science Museum, featuring gas discharge lamps, lenses, gratings, lasers, and more lasers!

June 20 - Cold and rainy all day. We have grown a few radishes in our yard - if only we could think of something to do with them. William obtained a toy mammoth, or mastodon, we're not sure which.

June 19 - Pizza in the Park - a pizza party with some of William's day care friends, including pizza and Duck Monsters.

June 14 - Stopped at the Ice Cream Caboose in Groton, NY. It's a real red caboose, on a short stretch of rails.

June 13 - William visited one of his cousins.

June 12 - Dinner overlooking Cayuga Lake.

Kidders Restaurant
Cayuga Lake.

June 7 - Saw the airplane museum in Geneseo, had an ice cream in Letchworth State Park, then pretended to make jello at the Jello Museum in Le Roy.

June 6 - Afternoon visit to the Science Museum, then an evening visit to the Strong Museum.

June 5 - William had a chocolate-coated frozen banana in Canandaigua.

May 31 - Electric trolley ride at the NY Transportation Museum.

Electric Trolley.

May 29 - William found a large mud puddle to play in at the local park.

May 25 - Saw the new alligators and white tiger at the zoo. Tried to fly a couple of kites, but the wind wasn't strong enough (that's our excuse).

Rochester, NY
Kite resolutely refuses to fly.

May 24 - Saw a performing seal and dolphin show at Marineland, Niagara Falls.

William and whale at Wilson-Tuscarora State Park.

May 23 - Lunch on Grand Island (hard to say without a Wallace accent). Toured the Sir Adam Beck No. 2 Generating Station power plant, saw a vinyard, and stayed overnight at Niagara-on-the-Lake.

May 17 - Electric trolley (tram) and diesel-pulled caboose rides at the New York Museum of Transportation.

May 16 - Day Out With Thomas at Medina Railroad Museum. We had a half-hour train ride in a carriage pulled by Thomas, assisted by a large diesel engine. William ended up with a train conductor's hat.

Photo by William.

May 10 - Drove down to Stony Brook State Park, and saw a small waterfall. The playground was the big attraction.

May 9 - visited the Lilac Festival. William acquired three more fuzzy dolphins.

April 26 - Gardening, in the form of wandering around looking at weedy plants and trying to decide if they were planted deliberately.

April 25 - visited the Lamberton Conservatory.

Accolade Cherry Trees
Cheery blossoms.

April 19 - visited the local playground and the Science Museum.

Science museum.

April 18 - Anne is in Louisville. William and Martin visited the Medina Railroad Museum.

April 12 - visited the Ontario Science Centre.

April 11 - rode the Toronto subway to the Canadian Air & Space Museum. Later, we tried to find Chinatown, missed, and ended up in the Kensington Market area.

Airplane museum.

April 10 - visited Toronto. Stopped at Niagara-on-the-Lake for lunch.

April 5 - William had a play date, and helped set up an Easter egg hunt.

April 2 - Martin walked around the Tidal Basin in Washington DC. There was a bunch of trees with pink flowers, part of a Festival of Allergens.

Mar 29 - An excellent breakfast at Bonars Restaurant in Mayville, NY. William liked their Easter Tree, a plastic Chrismas tree decorated with rabbits, carrots, eggs, etc. William helped build a house at the Explore and More Childrens Museum in East Aurora.

Mar 28 - Visited the mysterious Chautauqua Institute, some kind of summer education camp. The beach was covered with giant piles of lake ice. "That's not sand" pointed out William. We found a couple of playgrounds and William joined in an egg hunt. Lunch at Coopers Cyber Cafe and Deli, a dog-themed restaurant which needs a sandwich called the "Laser Dog." Wandered around the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History, named after Roger Institute, a famous ornithologist.

Chatauqua Lake Beach
Chilly Beach.

Mar 27 - Drove down to a hotel on Chautauqua Lake.

Mar 22 - Visited the Museum of the Earth near Ithaca. It's built on a life-size model. William procured a toy trilobite.

Mar 21 - The famous egg hunt, set up by Fredrick.

Mar 15 - Pulled William to the nearby playground in his little wagon.

Mar 14 - It's warming up. Spent the morning at the zoo, and William helped plant some bulbs and flowers in the front yard. Fed the ducks at Schoen Place. Later, we had dinner at a Greek restaurant and ordered a starter of saganaki (Flaming Volcanic Napalm Cheese Inferno). William was terrified, and we've promised never to go there again.

Mar 8 - visited the Strong Museum with William and his cousins.

Mar 7 - William's two cousins and aunt arrived. William explained the concept of "Duck Monster", whose hideous quacks make your ears hurt.

Mar 1 - William saw a dulcimer concert, and hammered away on a dulcimer.

Feb 27 - at the Strong Museum again, which is open until 8 pm on Fridays.

Feb 26 - visited the Eastman House museum, which was open until 8 pm. Everyone else was there to see a movie, so we had the mutoscopes to ourselves.

Eastman House Mutoscope.

Feb 22 - Lunch at a crowded diner in Geneseo. William fell asleep as we drove around the countryside.

Feb 21 - Excellent fish and chips at Doug's Fish Fry in Skaneateles, NY. Visited the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, which was surprisingly crowded.

Feb 2 - We've received over 80 inches of snow so far this fall/winter. Last Wednesday, we had about 7 inches of new snow on top of what was already on the ground. All the snow delayed our commuting times by several minutes.

Feb 1 - William went to a music show, and ended up in a newspaper photo. Search "Children hear all that jazz at concert", and he's near the yellow line.

Jan 31 - Went to the bookstore and bought pipecleaners, as you do.

Jan 25 - Visited the Medina Railroad Museum, which has a huge model train layout and William's favorite Thomas table.

Jan 24 - Saw the flying boats and other aircraft at the Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport. William moved ailerons with his shoulder.

Jan 23 - Our usual Friday night at the Strong Museum. William liked the pirate ship, and learned say "Aaaaargh!"

William passes through a quantum wormhole.

Jan 17 - Ended up at the Strong Museum again. William was bought a loud whistle, which ended any chance of him falling asleep in the car.

Jan 16 - The weather was a little brisk today.

Jan 11 - William went on a play date at a friend's house. His first date.

Jan 9 - Evening visit to the Strong Museum. It's our regular Friday night out. Anne bought Martin a pen with an LED in the tip, for (erm) times when you need something like that.

Jan 7 - William picked out a full-spectrum light bulb at a store, and we spectrally analyzed it using a blank CD.

Jan 6 - William helped make a pizza, including brushing the base with oil and testing the cheese.

Jan 5 - We've been messing around with our Internet radio. Anne found Muppet Central Radio, which William likes a lot.

Jan 3 - William spent half an hour pretending to be a bee in the new hive exhibit at the Science Museum. Anne fought off an invading alien mantisoid.

Attack of the Mantis from Mars!.

Jan 2 - Spent the evening at the Strong Museum. This defines William's idea of a good museum, which causes trouble at the do-not-touch places.

Distorting Room
William is nearly as tall as Anne.

Jan 1 - Lunch in Owego, NY with William's cousins. Traditional New Year's Szechuan Chicken.

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