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Biped Report 2008

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Dec 31 - visited the Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport (the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center). William wanted to sit in one of the aircraft, and in the end was kept happy by a simulator ride. The observation deck had good views of aircraft landing nearby.

Dec 30 - saw some dinosaurs at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Rode the metro to Alexandria and took the King Street Trolley down to the waterfront. William repeatedly expressed his opinion that it was a bus, not a trolley, and he's usually right about these things.

Georgetown, DC
This Christmas tree in Georgetown needs a dolphin.

Dec 29 - visited the Air and Space museum on the National Mall, Washington DC. William was very unhappy about the lack of airplanes that could be climbed into. The Smithsonian museums like to protect everything behind plexiglas.

Cascade Cafe, National Gallery of Art.

Dec 28 - visited the Pennsylvania National Fire Museum in Harrisburg, Pa. Dinner in Foggy Bottom with Eric and Nancy - hamburgers and Frozen Fish Lumps from the Mists of Time.

Dec 27 - William went to the Rochester Museum & Science Center with his cousins.

Dec 25 - William would like presents every day.


Dec 20 - Still a lot of snow. Fortunately, we pay someone else to clear our driveway. William bought himself a toy train with some birthday money.


Dec 19 - A lot of snow.

Dec 18 - William is 4. He had a small ice cream party at day care, and made a chocolate frosted cake at home. Many nice presents - William says thank you.

Dec 14 - The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra gave a kids performance at the Eastman Theater. They played along to video projection of "The Snowman". Anne and William had never seen this short animated film before.

Dec 13 - A trip out to Seneca Falls, to ride the Santa Train on the Finger Lakes Scenic Railway. Some guy in a red coat was wandering up and down the train, and there was a sing-along with holiday songs.

Meanwhile, the local paper sent a reporter out to the "Holly Trolley", and interviewed a kid from William's day care class (who found out about this attraction from William). There just aren't enough hours in the day for all these rail-themed attractions.

Dec 9 - Nerd Alert! Family Night at The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester. Exciting demonstrations for children included lasers, fluorescence, fiber optics, TV signal transmission by laser beam, liquid crystals, and IR cameras. William came home with his very own diffraction grating.

Dec 7 - Visited the Museum of the Earth, Ithaca, and saw impressive mammoth and dinosaur bones. Looked at interesting petrified wood displays before they were hauled away by some geologist goons.

Nov 16 - visited the Lamberton Conservatory, which had a chrysanthemum exhibit (or some kind of flower, anyway). Lots of running up and down the nearby hill.

Nov 11 - Martin attended a seminar at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (the Laserlab), not to be confused with the Laser Lab (A Canine Individual).

Nov 9 - Saw an exhibition of train photographs at the Eastman House.

Nov 2 - William insisted on riding the Niagara SkyWheel, a giant ferris wheel in Niagara Falls. Saw sealions being fed at the Aquarium of Niagara, where our zoo membership card lets us in without charge. Rode an ancient carousel at the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum.

Niagara Falls.

Nov 1 - Spent some time admiring the main attraction in Niagara Falls - the Brick City village and model railroad. They say "toy bricks", but it looked like Lego to us. Looked around Fort George at Niagara-on-the-Lake, and later William was menaced by giant flying bugs at the Butterfly Conservatory.

Oct 31 - Halloween. William went door to door and tried to hand out candy to neighbors. We headed out to a hotel in Niagara Falls, ON.

Oct 26 - Apples, cider, and donuts from Hollenbeck's Cider Mill in Virgil, NY. They had a donut making machine and a cider press.

Oct 25 - visited Newark Valley, NY.

Oct 19 - A morning visit to the zoo, where most of the under-five crowd were dressed up in Halloween costumes. Then brunch at the Crescent Beach Restaurant, with a clown wandering around making balloon animals. William colored his nose red with a marker when we got home.

Oct 12 - Bought a pumpkin from White's Farm Market, and visited an alpaca farm (Lazy Acre Alpacas). William persuaded us to buy a small fuzzy alpaca toy. An actual alpaca was $500, so the toy seemed like a bargain.

Oct 11 - Rode a tourist passenger train on the Finger Lakes Scenic Railway.

Shortsville, NY.

Oct 10 - Evening visit to the Strong Museum. We saw two other children from William's daycare class.

Oct 6 - Returned from Columbus. The high spot for William was a closed railroad museum in Conneaut, which had a very nice steam train and caboose behind a fence.

Oct 5 - William visited Columbus Zoo while Anne gave a technical talk to like-minded people.

Oct 4 - Lunch at Juergens Bäckerei, a trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory, and then an extremely exciting time in an industrial warehouse. William had a great time in the Big Room of Shredded Paper.

You're about to be papered.

Oct 4 - visited Columbus, Ohio.

Sept 28 - rode a trolley at the NY Transportation Museum. It was cold and damp, leaving the museum to the more intrepid trolley riders (e.g. William).

Sept 27 - drove out to Brown's Berry Patch, but William fell asleep on the way and didn't wake up until we got home again.

Sept 12 - 21 - Visit to the UK ... read more ....

Sept 1 - stopped at two closed railroad museums - Harlansburg Station and the Lake Shore Railway Museum in Northeast, Pa. We also visited the beach at Lake Erie State Park.

August 31 - visited the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum. Their approach is to load people into a trolley, stop in a sunny location, and lecture at enormous length. Maybe the passengers will die of boredom before the heatstroke gets them.

August 30 - visited Pittsburgh. On the way, we stopped at a kazoo museum in Eden, NY.

Duquesne Incline
Pittsburgh - Duquesne Incline.

August 24 - Diesel Day at the NY Transportation Museum. We rode on a caboose pulled by a diesel locomotive. It was very similar to Caboose Day (July 20). Lunch in Honeyoye Falls, overlooking the waterfall.

Transportation Museum
Electric trolley ride.

August 17 - A fire engine at the Brighton Farmers' Market added great excitement for the small set. We fed the fish at Powder Mills Park.

Powder Mills
A fish dinner.

August 16 - visited the Case Research Lab Museum in Auburn, NY, where Theodore Lab Museum developed sound tracks on movie film in the 1920s.

We spent the afternoon pursuing a parade of 40 or so track cars as they ran around some local railroad tracks. We eventually tracked them down in Cayuga.

Track Car
Track car, aka motor car, railcar, or speeder.

Track Cars
Track cars, Cayuga, NY.

August 11 - William travels very well. We plied him with a variety of bribes over the last weekend, including a duck toy, a penguin toy from the aquarium (they have a great collection of real penguins), various DVDs to watch on the road, various toy cars, and an absolutely enormous concrete mixer toy.

August 10 - In Wakefield, MA (near Quasimodo Lake) for Nicholas's christening. William discovered the church playground. Drove home the scenic route via Massachussetts Route 2 and Vermont, which took a long time. William fed the cows, picked an apple, and rode a Gator in Shushan, NY.

Wakefield, MA.

August 9 - Took the Red Line from Alewife to downtown Boston. We rode a swan boat in the Public Gardens, and William sat on all the duckling statues. (The duckling in the photo below is Quack.) Visited the New England Aquarium, where William was extremely impressed with the enormous turtle swimming around the top of the giant ocean tank. Dinner with Anne's cousin and family.

Quack the Duckling
Make Way for William.

August 8 - visited Boston. We stopped at the Herkimer Home and had dinner in Lee, Mass.

August 3 - Rode the electric trolley at the Transportation Museum. William is big enough to wear the smallest museum T-shirt with a trolley on the front, and this was a big hit.

August 2 - William made stepping stones for the garden with a concrete mix.

July 28 - Cake decorating and eating.


July 27 - William insisted on riding the subway again, so we rode down to the Toronto waterfront and had a boat tour of the harbor.

Toronto boat tour.

July 26 - took the subway to the ROM (Read Only Museum) in Toronto, for the dinosaur exhibit. We also rode the subway to the end of the line to see the Toronto Aerospace Museum.

July 25 - visited Toronto.

July 20 - Caboose Day at the Transportation Museum. William climbed up a ladder in the caboose to look through the cupola windows. The caboose was pulled along a short stretch of track by a big diesel engine. We also rode on a track car. Later, we sat through about 20 minutes of a movie before William vetoed it.

July 19 - William likes the spinning chairs at the Science Museum.

July 18 - William planted some pumpkin seeds a month ago, and the plants are taking over part of our yard.

July 13 - William has a new dinosaur bank (US Patent 5,437,408). Somehow he got the idea that any loose change put in the dinobank became his, so we spent a lot of time filling it.


July 12 - William is now a familiar face at the local farmers' market. They sell local produce, such as corn, tomatoes, peaches, and cookies.

July 4 - Lots of fireworks launched around the lake.

July 3 - visited the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY.

June 28 - We are renting a house by a lake for a week. Laser came along as well.

June 15 - Picnic at Letchworth State Park.

June 14 - The main event of the year - the Kids 'N Truck show at the Dome Arena in Henrietta, NY. William particularly liked the Wal-Mart 18 wheeler with a sleeping compartment in the cab. The various excavators, school bus, mail truck, and fire truck were also of immense interest.

June 11 - installed a pool in our back yard. It took several minutes to inflate.

June 7 - visited the Sciencenter, Ithaca NY.

June 6 - the Duck Party.

June 4 - Walked along the canal at Schoen Place and fed the ducks.

June 1 - rode a trolley at the New York Museum of Transportation.

May 25 - Drove through the African Lion Safari, then visited a streetcar museum (the Halton County Radial Railway museum).

Cheesy snacks - my favorite.

May 24 - Visited an airplane museum in Hamilton.

May 15 - Gardening week. We planted a whole load of things.

May 13 - William asked to look at the car engine, then announced "It needs more power."

May 11 - Walked slowly along the trail at Corbett's Glen.

May 10 - A short train ride at Medina.

Medina, NY.

April 27 - A quick visit to the playground at Kings Bend Park, Pittsford, followed by a long walk around the trails of Tinker Nature Park in Henrietta. Anne pointed out various unusual plants. We had a picnic lunch in our driveway while William slept in the car.

Some kind of flower - Anne would know what this is.

April 26 - Visited the zoo, then lakeside dining at Crescent Beach Restaurant. It started out sunny, but then a huge thunderstorm rolled in with drenching rain. It warmed back up to about 85F, followed by a melodramatic hailstorm with more thunder.

April 20 - Walked around the trails of the Waterman Conservation Education Center in Apalachin.

Apalachin, NY.

April 17 - William helps with the gardening.


April 6 - visited Corbett's Glen.

Corbett's Glen, Brighton, NY.

At the playground.

April 5 - Another trip to the planetarium and science museum. Visited Pittsford Dairy, where William saw the cow and came away with a large cookie.

Pittsford Dairy
Pittsford Dairy.

March 24 - Recovered Laser from the "Dog Hotel".

March 23 - Traded IOP for Owego, NY. It's 30F colder than South Carolina. William had a great time with his cousins.

March 22 - Anne's mom is sick, so we had to arrange a flight back to Rochester. William enjoyed the beach during our one full day of vacation.

Isle of Palms
Beach toys.

Isle of Palms
A windy morning.

Isle of Palms

March 21 - Headed south for a (planned) long weekend vacation. Spent the afternoon at a beach on the Isle of Palms, SC.

March 10 - After watching a "Big Bird in China" DVD several times, William decides he wants to visit China. After some discussion, he settled for eating a variety of Chinese cookies. His favorite was "Koala's March" (actually a Japanese brand).

March 8 - A lot of snow and ice this weekend. William was fascinated by a partially dismantled singing Elmo at the science museum.

March 2 - Saw the sealions being fed at the zoo. William became cold as we passed the zoo gift shop, so we had to go in to buy a toy car. Later, we set up an internet phone connection (Skype), and transmitted video coverage of William sitting on the couch to Long Eaton.

Feb 24 - A train-themed afternoon at the Medina Railroad Museum.

Medina, NY.

We spent the morning at the zoo. There's a new sealion that likes to play with the visitors.

Rochester Seneca Park Zoo.

Rochester Seneca Park Zoo.

Feb 23 - Drove down to Letchworth for a scenic combination of snow, waterfalls, and sun.

Fountain at the Glen Iris Inn.

Middle Falls, Letchworth.

Feb 22 - William played at the Sandbox in Fairport, and wanted to paint at home.

It's easy being green..

Feb 16 - William saw the planetarium show again, and found more hidden interesting attractions at the science museum.

Feb 15 - William visited the Adventure Center in Pittsford, which had slides, foam blocks, and a Mystery Mountain.

William looking mellow and relaxed.

Feb 10 - Tried to sit through a children's play, but it was too operatic for William's tastes (and his parents). Saw the tulips at the Eastman House.

Feb 9 - Saw a planetarium show, then wandered around the science museum. There's a secret fun area on the third floor, hidden behind some dull exhibits.

Feb 7 - Saw classical guitar at the RPO (Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra). William was baby sat.

Feb 3 - visited the mostly unheated Transportation Museum in Rush. William likes the steam train and fire engine.

Feb 2- Wandered around a model railroad show, where William picked up another Thomas DVD. Rode the ancient elevator at the Eastman House.

Jan 27 - Bought a new laptop. The display of the old one had large blank areas after being stepped on and then hit with a toy Bob the Builder hammer.

Jan 26 - Saw two shows at the local planetarium. We bought an annual membership, and expect to get good value from it.

Jan 24 - Saw Parenting 101 at Downstairs Cabaret.

Jan 7 - William had a great time sitting behind the steering wheel of several old trucks and an antique bus.

Truck Museum
Mack Trucks Historical Museum, Allentown, PA.

Jan 6 - William ran around, through, and around (repeat indefinitely) the National Memorial Arch, Valley Forge, PA. It was a very warm weekend.

Jan 5 - We had dinner with Mark and and some woman.

Jan 1 - visited the Sandbox, an indoor playground in Fairport.

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