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Biped Report 2007

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Dec 27 - drove back to Rochester. Fortunately, our vehicle is still drivable after yesterday's deer impact.

Dec 26 - visited the Ross Park Discovery Center in Binghamton. Later, we had a night out (deer and a movie) in Owego.

Dec 25 - William slept in, and was surprised to get more presents. It was all very exciting.

Dec 24 - visited two closed museums, and then saw the Rockwell Museum of Western Art in Corning, NY, on the grounds that it was open.

Dec 23 - Traveled down to Newark Valley, NY. A birthday cake for William, from his aunt.

Dec 18 - William is 3. He had a small party with Anne and his friends at daycare, then an exciting time at home making chocolate cakes and opening presents.


Dec 15 - We rode a trolley at the Transportation Museum. There was a cold warehouse full of old trolleys, and a heated room with a model railroad where everyone was hanging out.

Holly Trolley, NYMT, Rush, NY

Dec 12 - William walked over with a plastic insect and said "I'm going to bug you!". His first pun.

Dec 8 - Tried again to get some holiday-themed photos of William at the Eastman House. He was too bouncy to stay in focus.

Dec 1 - walked around Corbett's Glen, then visited the Eastman House.

Eastman House

Nov 23 - A morning visit to the zoo. William implored us to slow down on the way there, sensibly as we later saw six police cars on speed trap duty. Later, we went out on decadence duty: buying chocolate, shrimp, and beverages.

Nov 22 - Our traditional Thanksgiving dinner of shrimp, roast beef, and Yorkshire pudding, followed by three types of pie. William inhaled a huge slice of apple pie, much to his grandma's amazement.

Nov 17 - Another visit to the Strong Museum.

Nov 11 - headed out to the zoo, and kept driving after William fell asleep. We ended up at Marina's on Cayuga Lake again. Visited a horse-free race track and a closed museum on the way home.

Nov 10 - William spent an hour or so at the Strong Museum. We headed home, and kept driving after he fell asleep. We ended up having an early bird dinner in Canandaigua, severely decreasing the average age in the restaurant.

Nov 3 - Lakeside lunch at Marina's in Canoga, NY. Apparently, the restaurant is named after Marina, a relative of the owner, and not after the marina. William spent the night with his cousins, allowing us to have a leisurely meal out in Ithaca, NY.

Oct 31 - William refused to wear his fireman's jacket for Halloween, saying "No thank you, no thank you ..." over and over again. He still scored candy from the neighbors.

Oct 29 - Martin returned from international travel of the less exotic kind, involving driving through Canada to Ann Arbor and back again. Canadian culture was enjoyed in the form of a donut from Tim Horton's.

Oct 28 - William visited the railroad museum in Rush, and spent a long time admiring a steam train. He refused to ride on the trolley, and then was very upset because he didn't ride on the trolley.

Oct 21 - We were taken sailing on Cayuga Lake. Conditions were perfect, thanks to global warming. It was almost 80F.

Oct 20 - Stopped at the Cayuga Nature Center near Ithaca. William liked the 5-story tree house.

Oct 16 - We asked William what we should buy his grandpa for his birthday. He thought about it, then said "A car, I think."

Oct 14 - visited the Granger Homestead and Carriage Museum in Canandaigua. The tours are usually 2 hours, but fortunately we had a special high speed version (the toddler express) that lasted about forty minutes. There were a lot old horse drawn carriages and sleds, and an actual horse that William liked.

We had pizza and apple sauce for dinner. Yesterday, we had chicken, vegetables, and apple sauce. Friday, we had an apple pie. And so on through an apple-centric week that reduced our apple mountain down to a sane level.

Oct 13 - visited the Pittsford Farmers' Market. William remembers who sells what, asking different vendors for watermelons (now out of season), cookies (never out of season), and carrots. One thing we didn't need was apples (see September 29).

Oct 7 - bought some fruit and veg from the East Rochester farmers market. William liked the asian pears, though we really haven't encountered fruit he doesn't like yet. We headed out to the Medina Railroad Museum, and William spent hours with the Thomas layout. There were also numerous fire trucks to look at outside.

Fire truck in Medina, NY

Oct 6 - Anne visited RIT for a reunion. Of her graduation year, over 5 people showed up at a wine and cheese reception. Later, Anne saw the RPO opening concert. William had a haircut (see above).

Sept 30 - We picked up some pumpkins at Powers Farm Market in Pittsford. Later, William visited a Bob the Builder exhibit at the Strong Museum, along with most of the local under-5 population. He was bribed to leave with a tool assortment. Later, we drove around Conesus Lake.

Sept 29 - A trip to the zoo to see the kangaroos. These occasionally hop, unlike the ones at Columbus Zoo that just sprawled on the ground. We had a Mexican lunch at El Rincon in Sodus, and ice cream at Burnap's Farm Market. William spent a long time ringing the bell on their large wooden train. Then we went apple picking at Alasa Farms in Alton, NY. We didn't seem to pick that many apples, but they had expanded and multiplied by the time they reached our kitchen.

Sept 25 - We had some large lime wedges with dinner, technically lime quarters. William didn't bother squeezing, as he ate two of them in quick succession. Anne said "He didn't get that from me."

Sept 23 - walked along the Erie Canal in Fairport.

Static hair after sliding

Sept 22 - met up with Anne's parents in Watkins Glen for dog recovery. It was over 80F by lunchtime, so we had a picnic lunch at a park by the lake.

Sept 19 - we bought William a large, flattish, circular cushion for his bedroom. It could not look more like a dog bed.

Sept 7 - 15 - visited England ... read more ...

Aug 18 - Another trip to the Strong Museum. They have set up a new train set, and we spent a long time there.

Aug 16 - William was given a new train set. He played with it for about two hours straight.

Aug 13 - William now tells us "You want to .." when he wants us to do something. For example, he'll hand one of us a book and say "You want to read this."

Aug 12 - We set up a sand box in the yard. William will ask us to make a sandcastle, then knock it down with a toy digger (Repeat indefinitely).

Aug 11 - A party for Anne's mom's 70th birthday in sunny Nichols, NY. Molly the Dog caught something in the bushes and brought it over, but no-one wanted to look at it too closely.

Aug 5 - Saw the new zippy sea-lion at the zoo. Had lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger, a chain 50s-themed diner where you can have anything you want as long as it's a cheeseburger. Boats sailed by along the Genessee River to the lake. We then headed to the Medina Railroad Museum, where William spent a long time at the Thomas the Tank Engine play table. He complained loudly as we left.

Aug 4 - Visited the Strong Museum. William liked the small train and the Sesame Street taxi.

Aug 2 - William saw a concert by the Wiggles.

July 30 - A bird made its way down our chimney and into our living room. It eventually calmed down enough to find an open door.

July 28 - We left William with his grandparents and toured Ithaca. Visited the Museum of the Earth, had ice-cream at the Cornell Dairy Bar, walked to Ithaca Falls, looked at Cascadilla Falls from a bridge, saw Cayuga lake from Stewart Park, and had dinner in the Ithaca Commons.

July 27 - visited Anne's parents.

July 22 - Lunch at the Brown Hound, followed by a trip to the Vintage Track Museum. This is a couple of warehouses crammed full of old farm and roadbuilding equipment. We've never seen so many road graders in one location. We'd guess there were well over 50 tractors, maybe a lot more.

July 21 - Lunch at Schooners, a restaurant on the Genessee River with it's own sandbox. William was extremely impressed with this restaurant, mainly because of the bag of toys to dig in the sand. Later, we dawdled about Ontario Beach State Park.

July 18 - visited Meridian Park, a playground and playing fields well hidden behind the Meridian Centre office park. A world music drum concert was in progress, and after checking out the playground we headed off at toddler speed (about 1/3 mph) to see the concert. We almost made it, but William became fascinated by a park bench just short of the main viewing area.

William's gravel fascination continues, and Martin had his pockets filled by stones that William collected. It's nice to have some spare in case of a gravel emergency.

July 17 - Anne briefly mentioned going to see a boat, and William latched on to it like a terrier. About 50 requests to see the boat later, we visited Pittsford to see the schooner Lois McClure. This replica of a 19th century sailing canal boat is making the "Grand Canal Journey" along the Erie Canal from the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum to Buffalo. We spent some time listening to the Smugtown Stompers, a local jazz band playing by the canal. Smugtown is an old nickname for Rochester, from the Kodak heyday apparently, and could not be more inappropriate now.

July 15 - Visited the New York Museum of Transportation in Rush, and went on a trolley ride and a track car ride. A track car is almost, but not quite, big enough to be a train. The trolley was a one carriage train from 1927. William really liked the model railroad, and as a bonus we found a fire engine lurking at the back of a dark warehouse.

July 14 - Lunch at Schoen Place in Pittsford. William fed the ducks and admired the boats. Later, we made a quick run out to Corn Hill. There were a lot of people wandering about, but mainly looking and not buying.

July 13 - Anne's parents arrive. Her father has a photography stand at the Corn Hill Arts Festival, and they are staying at the Hotel Laser.

July 9 - visited Brown's Berry Farm, and looked at the goats. Also saw the Medina Library, the most interesting thing in Medina when the railroad museum is closed.

July 8 - visited an Ansel Adams exhibit at the Eastman House. We bought William a truck book which makes engine noises, beeps, etc. This might have been a mistake.

June 30 - July 7 - visited Bayfield, Ontario ... read more ...


Jun 23 - We continued a recent theme of lakeside dining with breakfast at Marina's on Cayuga Lake, with Anne's friends Eric and Nancy. Later we had lunch at Breaker's Restaurant on Lake Ontario. A seaplane (lakeplane?) flew over a couple of times.

Breaker's, Manitou Beach, Rochester

Jun 22 - William was excited to find a bottomless pit in the landscaping at a shopping mall. Later, driving home, he composed a song about a sheep falling out of a jeep and bumping its head. Other animals followed. We think the head bumping is from Five Little Monkeys, and the sheep in a jeep is from Fix-It Duck.

Jun 21 - William saw a jeep out the car window, and composed a poem: "The jeep went beep". After some thought, he added "A sheep in the jeep."

Jun 17 - visited Chimney Bluffs State Park on the shore of Lake Ontario. We had a picnic on the pebble beach. William found an "armadillo stone". We have no idea what this means.

Jun 16 - Saw the Kids & Trucks show at the Dome Center, Henrietta. William was so excited, it took him about 15 minutes to stop running from one truck to another. There was a school bus, fire engine, ambulance, various diggers, and numerous other trucks, all cleaned and polished and parked in a small indoor arena.

Jun 10 - William visited an old style playground in Newark Valley, NY, complete with tall slide with a highly polished metal slide surface. The modern slides have high-friction plastic for safety. He also composed his first song, "Daddy, daddy, daddy" sung to the tune of Baa Baa Blacksheep.

Jun 9 - William had a great time at his cousin's pool. He learned how to use a squirt gun, a useful life skill when you own a dog (Laser would disagree). He helped sing "Happy Birthday" to his aunt.

Jun 3 - The local fire brigade polished up a fire engine for public viewing. William spent a long time in the driver's seat.


May 29 - We had a specialist examine our air conditioner. The conclusion - it's busted.

William tackled an ambitious metal ladder at the nearby Brighton Library playground. Anne helped him out with some difficulty, and it was highly anxiety-inducing. He then tried the same ladder three more times.

May 28 - William raced around the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario. We managed a few photos after he slowed down.

Joystick operation

May 27 - spent the afternoon at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. William particularly enjoyed sitting in the driver's seat of an ambulance.

May 26 - William saw fire engines at the Michigan Firehouse Museum in Ypsilanti, followed by lunch at Grizzly Peak. We had dinner at a one-time neighbors house, and William had some throwing and catching coaching.

Firehouse Museum

May 25 - drove out to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

May 24 - It's warmed up, and our air conditioner isn't working. Our investigations concluded that it's busted. William doesn't sleep when it's warm, preferring to run through the day's conversations ("Wait Wait", "No!", "All done", etc.) and bang things together.

May 22 - William extended his interest in fire engines to fire hydrants. He spent several minutes examining a yellow Kennedy Valve (Elmira, NY) hydrant. (We spent so long at the hydrant that we couldn't help notice some details). Even Laser has never shown so much interest in hydrants.

May 21 - We visited a toy store to buy a wagon to pull William around in. Maybe we could hitch it to the dog (No). There was a whole aisle of electric cars and fire trucks that he climbed into. We pulled him away after he started a second go round, and screaming ensued. This is becoming a common theme.

May 20 - William was going on about horses in the car (Old McDonald had a lot of them on his farm), so we took him to the Finger Lakes Race Track in Canandaigua to see a horse race. Apparently, it was the most exciting thing imaginable, and there was a lot of screaming as we dragged him away.

Newark Valley, NY

May 19 - William visited his grandparents, allowing us to see the bright lights of Owego, NY on a date.

May 13 - Lunch with Anne's parents at Marina's, a lakeside restaurant near Canoga,NY, on the shore of Cayuga Lake. Later, we went for a slow amble around Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua. We saw lots of tulips.

May 12 - Slow amble around Corbett's Glen, a nearby city park. William spent a long time sitting on a fallen tree-trunk, pretending it was various large animals (elephant, rhino, etc.). We saw a deer at fairly close range.

Corbett's Glen, Brighton, NY

May 10 - Anne returns from California.

May 8 - Dinner at Cerames, William's favorite restaurant. He stuffed himself silly on meatball and noodles, and was noticeably heavier to carry afterwards.

May 6 - Anne flew out to California for a conference. The hotel is in a suburb of Los Angeles, nestled in a triangle of expressways. The conference organizers hired consultants to find the location, obviously with the limitation "nothing remotely scenic".

May 5 - Ray visits from Cleveland. He's a friend from the Chemical Abstracts days in Columbus, Ohio.

May 3 - One thing about having a two year old - you start to notice how many diggers (excavators) and bulldozers there are around. If you don't notice them, William helpfully points them out.

May 2 - bought airline tickets to visit England, arriving in Manchester on September 8 and staying a week.

April 29 - visited a playground in Geneva, NY. The idea was for William to fall asleep during the drive out there, but he doesn't do that any more.

April 28 - saw Spamalot.

April 26 - The mallards are now inspecting our yard.

April 25 - A pair of mallards were inspecting the neighbor's yard. William gave them some bread.

April 24 - William ran into the children's section of the local library, and said "Hi!" to a woman behind a desk. "Are you looking for a book?" she asked. William replied "Want D-V-D", which lost us many parent points. William is now a fan of the Wiggles.

April 21 - Visited the zoo, along with crowds of other people.

April 20 - had a lakeside dinner in Geneva, NY. William was excited to see a bulldozer and digger close by.

April 15 - William received a tricycle, a big hit.

March 31 - flew down to Naples, Florida ... read more ...

March 18 - William visited the conservatory (a local greenhouse) and was very excited to see a turtle basking under a light bulb.

Autofocus failed in low light
Holiday lights - still on outside

March 17 - Lots of snow fell. We took William to the bookstore for a run round, and inevitably ended up spending a lot on books (all for him).

Contained at last
The box is always very interesting

March 16 - visited the Strong Museum. They had a somewhat pitiful miniature train running around a small loop in a single room. William loved it, and insisted on riding it three times.

March 14 - William announced that he wants a puppy. That was earlier than we expected.

March 11 - Saw the elusive otters at Rochester zoo. It was the first time in five visits we had seen them.

March 10 - Headed towards Syracuse Zoo, but William was asleep by the time we got there. Instead, we headed for the bright lights of Cortland, NY.

Feb 13 - Martin was in Arlington, Va for a meeting. An Air of Fear descended, with rumors of snow and ice approaching (they don't like that kind of thing down there). U.S. Air canceled the flight back to Rochester about 5 minutes before the departure time. Fortunately, a flight to Syracuse was still available, followed by a 3 hour, 90 mile drive along an expressway in a blizzard.

Jan 31 - We were woken up in the middle of the night by someone shouting "W is for William". Then a song: "The wheel on the bus round and round" then (very fast) "allovertown".

Jan 30 - William made a major discovery - the moon. He's right, there's something up there. Then he wanted to see another moon.

Jan 17 - Laser returns, via special dog delivery service.

Jan 15 - Long drive back to Rochester from SE Pa.

Jan 14 - visited a closed railroad museum in Strasburg, Pa. There were a couple of railroad-themed toy shops nearby that we wandered around instead. We bought a few things in lieu of admission tickets. There were streams of horse-drawn buggies on the local roads.

Scrapple breakfast in Nottingham, Pa

Jan 13 - Headed down to Oxford, Pa to see Dr. Mark Mushroom.

Jan 12 - Dinner at Joe's Cafe in Ithaca, NY. We stopped overnight at Anne's parents, allowing use to use their house for more dog kenneling. Laser is too old for concrete floors, let alone in winter.

Jan 7 - It was a warm and sunny morning, so we visited the zoo. Last year Rochester was a barren and frozen wasteland. Later, we visited the art museum. William weighed in with thoughtful, critical comments, such as "Doggie!". He had a good eye for spotting even the smallest dog in a large painting.

Jan 6 - Headed down to the Curtiss museum in Hammondsport. William really liked the airplanes.

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