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Biped Report 2006

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Dec 31 - walked around a deserted High Falls area at lunchtime. It was very cold near the waterfall, and William was unimpressed by the lack of lunch offerings. He let us know, loudly.

Jay's Diner
Lemon wedge

Dec 28 - William now likes train toys, and insisted on wearing his Thomas the Tank Engine sweater today. This is the first time he's shown much interest on what he's wearing. Drove out to an enormous model railroad in Medina, NY, which filled a huge warehouse-like buiding.

Model railroad

Dec 25 - A crowd in the morning, including two dogs, which dissipated in the afternoon. Visited the zoo to check on the turtle/frog exhibit.

Dec 18 - William is 2 today.

Dec 16 - A party at William's cousin's house, with cake and slightly early birthday presents.

Dec 10 - A late afternoon visit to the zoo. We saw the rhinos, returned to see the rhinos again, then went back to see the rhinos yet again. William likes rhinos, apparently. William also produced his longest ever almost-grammatical sentence: "A frog hiding in the weeds".

Nov 27 - Both large bipeds were sick today. The usual recommendation for bronchitis is rest, not coach-class international travel.

Nov 26 - Returned from England. The total journey time, door-to-door, was about 21 hours. We arrived back home around midnight (5 am GMT).

Nov 24 - visited Twycross Zoo. They had an impressive collection of monkeys and monkey-like things.

Nov 20 - We were all sick. November maybe isn't the best time to make this trip.

Long Eaton

Nov 19 - Arrived in London, England.

Nov 18 - It's a busy travel weekend in the US, but we managed to find replacement flights from Toronto. We booked these at less than one day's notice, and headed out today.

Nov 17 - We had booked airline tickets to take William to see his grandparents in England. Unfortunately, the flight to Newark was delayed (yes, it was Continental), the next day's flights were full, did we feel lucky? No. Eventually, we got a refund.

Oct 15 - drove through Letchworth State Park to see the fall colors. Later, we took an old loaf of bread to nearby Allen Creek to feed ducks.

Oct 14 - William ran into the kitchen shouting "Food, food." What could it mean? Then he shouted "Doggie", and insisted on scooping dog food out of the sack into Laser's bowl. Later that evening, obviously feeling that Laser was still wasting away, he fed Laser a couple of crayons.

Oct 7 - A wagon ride out to a pumpkin patch. The pumpkins came in any size you wanted, as long as it was large. The farm also had a llama.

Mendon Ponds (Oct 1)

Oct 1 - Sunday brunch at the Brown Hound Bistro. They have a wall of fame (in the bathroom, admittedly) with photos of various brown hounds.

Sept 30 - We have an annual zoo membership, which lets us in an hour earlier than the general public. This suits William's early-rising weekend mornings. Finally, we tracked down the elephants, which were surprisingly hard to find (for elephants). Later, we visited Brown's Berry Patch, which has very clean farm animals for close inspection. A remarkable goat complex with ramps, bridges, lookouts, etc. allows the goats to walk over the roof of a barn. We were all impressed.

Sept 23 - visited the zoo. William liked watching sea-lions swim around. We saw even more exotic animals (such as cows, ducks, and rabbits) at Springdale Farm. Later, we had dinner at a well-concealed Korean restaurant, located amongst warehouses in an industrial complex.

Sept 21 - William was brandishing various random CDs at us, shouting "Wheel, wheel!". Wheel of Fortune? Eventually we figured out he wanted to hear "Wheels on the Bus". Anne ordered a relentlessly perky CD with the song on it.

Sept 18 - Anne visited Washington, DC, for a nerd conference.

William's new haircut
30 Mile Point

Sept 17 - visited the Thirty Mile Point lighthouse, so called because it is 30 miles from a point 30 miles away. As part of the standard lighthouse experience, saw a Fresnel lens. We also found the long-lost laptop power cable, one of many long-standing excuses for never updating this page. William had his first haircut.

Sept 16 - Visited Fair Haven Beach State Park, and bought a large sack of apples on the way back. There are apple orchards everywhere along the lake shore. We also ate special apple turnovers with highly enhanced crumb formation and distribution properties.

Sept 15 - Tired of being forced to choose between heat and air conditioning? Our house has them on separate thermostats, so we can run both at the same time (particularly after William-related thermostat adjustments).

Sept 9 - Lunch at the Brown Hound Bistro (we liked the name).

August 31 - Long weekend at Old Forge, in the Adirondacks.

August 29 - Rented a dumpster to clear out a few odds and ends after moving. It seemed overkill, but we ended up filling it. The previous owners left behind numerous small pieces of wood, squirreled away in the garage and basement.

August 28 - Moved into our new house.

August 21 - Visited the new house to see how the painting is going. There's amazing progress. We then took William to the slide at the local playground.

August 20 - William is learning to tidy up. Today, he tidied house keys into a box we're packing to move.

August 17 - William ended up locked in his own bedroom, probably through playing with the latch before the door was closed. Fortunately, he was asleep in bed, giving Anne the chance to climb in through a window.

August 16 - We're having the new house painted before we move in. In previous houses, it has taken us years to finish painting jobs.

August 15 - Closed on a new house. We are moving out of our current rental house at the end of this month.


August 13 - Encountered strange animals at a roadside stand. Martin and William argued over the identity of the animals. William: Doggie! Martin: No, it's a llama. William (unconvinced): Big doggie! We were both wrong - they were alpacas. William refused to be separated from an alpaca-fur teddy bear, and now owns the world's fuzziest bear.

Lake Erie

August 12 - Lunch in Sodus Point.

August 7 - William has started dancing to music. His version of dancing is slowly turning around and around until he gets dizzy and falls over. There's also a version with slow knee bends and random clapping. It's better than anything his parents can do.

Action William (Aug 6)

July 3 - saw a large firework display over Boldt castle from the hotel room balcony.

July 2 - William managed to lock one of the larger bipeds out on a hotel balcony by fiddling with the interior door knob.

July 1 - Paddleboat ride to Boldt Castle, and visited a boating museum in Clayton.

June 30 - Dinner at a brew pup in Oswego, then drove on to Alexandria Bay on the St. Lawrence river. We reserved a few nights at a motel near a marina, but it was a bit musty, so we had to move to a more expensive place the next morning.

June 7 - William has a new skill, opening child-proof gates. He also likes to push the doorbell, which causes a brief electronic bong and prolonged barking from Laser.

June 6 - William now has 9 teeth.

June 4 - visited the Science Museum. William had a lot of fun, but he'd have fun in a large empty room. The high spot was an air jet that blew beachballs around.

June 3 - Started looking for a house. We were shown five this afternoon. William encountered a full flight of stairs for the first time. He had no problem climbing them - twice in quick succession under supervision.

William received an England soccer supporter's shirt in the mail - spiritual guidance from his father's cousin Nick.

We had lunch at a Dutch and Indonesian restaurant, definitely a first. William liked a Dutch crispy biscuit called a (warning - technical term ahead) rusk.

May 31 - had dinner at a diner in Macedon, again just to take William on an air-conditioned drive. He gets annoyed with his parents' un-air-conditioned house rental choice once the temperature gets past 90.

May 30 - Drove up to Lake Ontario this evening, thinking it would be cooler. It wasn't.

May 29 - We had a picnic lunch at Springdale Farm, and William saw a pig for the first time.

Our rental house doesn't have air conditioning, which was an oversight. We bought a window unit, which keeps the bedroom cool but doesn't help the rest of the house. Dinner in Naples, mainly for the long air-conditioned drive down their.

May 28 - Visited Letchworth State Park, but didn't stop at any of the viewpoints on the way in because William was asleep. Then on the way out, when we wanted to head home, we had to stop because William was complaining (euphemism for screaming). William was admired by a couple taking their parrots for a walk. The parrots were in portable cages, so technically only the humans were walking, the parrots were being conveyed. It seemed strange initially, until we saw the California plates on their car.

William's latest trick is climbing on to the coffee table, then standing up on it. There's no real point, except parent-worrying.

May 27 - Operation Dog Recovery. We regained possession of our dog Laser, meeting Anne's parents at a neutral venue mid-way between our houses. This happened to be the Bully Hill restaurant, associated with the vinyard.

May 26 - William wants to go outside all the time. Tonight it was raining heavily, and Anne took him outside so he could understand the concept of rain. William thought rain was very interesting, and wanted to stay out in it.

May 24 - William was convulsed with laughter by a bouncy rubber ball.

May 23 - It's warmed up. William has his late afternoon snack while being pushed around the neighborhood in his stroller, which is conveniently equipped with tray and cup-holder.

May 21 - Anne heads to Minneapolis for a work-related meeting.

May 20 - drove around Keuka Lake to the Curtiss museum in Hammondsport. Curtiss designed early motorcycles, and the engines were then used in blimps, early biplanes, and the first flying boats (convenient when you live near a lake).

May 19 - We went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. The menu had a special exotic dish from the East - balti "from the UK." William enthusiastically guzzled down a large mango lassi.

May 16 - William walked for the first time. He was very pleased with himself.

May 14 - Lunch buffet by the lake in Canandaigua. Later, we called in on the Electronics Communication Museum in East Bloomfield. We are making an early start with William's nerd education.

May 13 - visited the Jello Museum in Le Roy.

May 12 - dinner at Cerames, which is William's favorite restaurant. He almost inhales their meatballs.

May 7 - visited the Seneca Park zoo. William saw a sea lion from very close range.

May 3 - We sold our house in Ann Arbor. The buyers demanded a last minute price reduction, due to our house allegedly being in a flood zone. It was news to us. No-one seemed sure what the truth was. One story was that Ann Arbor had recently expanded the flood zone designations.

May 2 - Martin fetches a large desk from Ann Arbor, MI.

April 30 - William's cousin Caroline played the church organ in Newark Valley.

April 29 - lunch in Newark Valley.

April 28 - scenic drive down to Naples (NY) for dinner. There was a very nice bistro serving wine and delicious-smelling food. However, we ate hamburgers and sundaes at a baby-friendly ice cream parlor next door.

April 16 - William enjoyed walking through shallow waves (with some assistance).

William in Florida

April 14 - William overcame his suspicion of sand, and played with a bucket and spade.

Naples, FL

April 12 - flew to Tampa, then drove down to Anne's aunt's condo in Naples, Florida.

April 4 - It was a nice afternoon, so we drove down to Canandaigua Lake. We drove back through a snowstorm.

April 2 - William rode along a footpath in his new buggy, and was very excited.

William in his new buggy

April 1 - We made William very happy by giving him a large colorful buggy to be pushed around in.

March 27 - Spring seems to have arrived. Dinner in Fairport, close to the canal.

March 25 - William visits his cousins in Nichols, NY.

March 19 - drove around looking at open houses. Our house in Ann Arbor is in contract to be sold.

March 18 - scenic drive to Letchworth State Park to see the waterfalls.

Feb 7 - William started at his new day care. He likes it. He likes most things.

Feb 6 - Martin flew back to Ann Arbor to fetch the remaining car. The drive through Canada included an exciting blizzard.

Jan 27 - Movers arrive, and fill the rented house with cardboard boxes.Fortunately, we have a large basement for box storage.

Jan 26 - Drove to Rochester, NY. Laser becomes the first to spend a night in our new (rented) house.

Jan 25 - We are moving to Rochester, NY. Movers load all of our stuff into a truck. It added up to 11,000 lbs, a lot of which was cardboard boxes.

Jan 19 - Dinner in Dexter. William likes eating out, both the eating part and the out part.

Jan 15 - William was invited to a dinner by a neighbor, and enjoyed scattering his hosts collection of videotapes over the floor. William waved goodbye as he left - the first time he's done this.

Jan 14 - A scenic drive out into the Irish Hills for lunch.

Jan 9 - William drank out of a sippy cup without help for the first time.

Jan 2 - Martin loses all credibility as a travel advisor by recommending Independence Air to someone. The airline announced they were going out of business the next day.

Jan 1, 2006 - William starts the new year with stomach flu, possibly caught during his Christmas visit to England.

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