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Biped Report 2005

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Dec 25 - Dec 31 - William went to see his grandparents during a Christmas visit to England. [Read more ....]

Dec 7 - William and Laser both often find themselves the wrong side of a baby gate.

Dec 4 - Visited the botanical gardens.

Seen one poinsettia, seen them all.

Nov 10 - William bit Anne's nose. Fortunately, he still has only the two lower front teeth.

Nov 9 - William was hauled away from the dog's water bowl in the kitchen, the latest dog-themed object of extreme interest. Placed in the living room, he immediately started back towards the kitchen. He looked around, saw he was being followed, laughed, and sped up.

Other dog themed objects of extreme interest include a well-chewed squirrel toy, and the dog.

Nov 5 - William saw a group of other dogs for the first time. He regularly laughs at Laser for just doing dog things, and was fascinated to see that there are many more of these furry things in the world.

Saline Dog Park

Oct 30 - visited a Chihuly glass exhibition in Kalamazoo.

Take me to your leader

Oct 26 - William is crawling like a baby on a mission. The mission is to go bother the dog.

Oct 20 - William crawled properly for the first time today, after several weeks of lurching, rocking, swivelling, etc. We're very pleased, but it could mean a lot of trouble in future.

Oct 18 - William's grandma protested at the "nose ring" picture of the Cheerio stuck to the end his nose. Instead, below is a grandma-pleasing picture of William and a cousin.

Oct 15 - In New York for Anne's father's birthday party. We sat William in front of a piano and tried to show him how to delicately press a key with his fingers. He had different ideas, and spent a couple of minutes enthusiastically and loudly banging away at the keyboard.

Buttermilk Falls, NY

Oct 8 - visited the Chelsea Teddy Bear Co. in Chelsea, Michigan. They are "the primary supplier of Teddy Bears for the U.S. Navy". For only 6.95, you can buy your bear a little hoodie (hooded sweatshirt).

William's efforts to crawl took a significant lurch forwards when he placed one hand in front of the other.

Oct 2 - William went to the St. Joseph Mercy NICU reunion party.

NICU annual reunion

Sept 16 - Oct 1 - William met new relatives during a two week trip to England. [Read more ....]

August 29 - William has almost got the sitting up thing down, so to speak. Tonight he sat up and batted away on a toy xylophone.


Lying down

August 14 - William's first meal in a high chair. The theme was foods beginning with "a" - apple juice, avocado, and apple mush.

Out in the stroller

August 12 - William visited the St Joseph Mercy NICU to celebrate the six month anniversary of his release.

August 11 - William went to a picnic by the Huron River. He didn't join in the water balloon fight.

August 9 - William enjoyed another swinging session at a local park. He looked unhappy for a few moments, but it was because his swing had slowed down too much. On the way there, he laid back in his stroller with his feet nonchalently resting up on the tray.

August 6 - Had dinner on the Lost Peninsula. Doesn't that sound exciting and exotic? It's part of Michigan you can only drive to by going through Ohio.

August 2 - William's first time at daycare. He seemed to enjoy it. It was more traumatic for the big bipeds.

July 25 - arrived at a cabin in West Virginia [Read more ....]

July 23 - visited Columbus, Ohio, and dinner at the Old Bag of Nails.

July 20 - William loves oatmeal, and lunges forward in his seat towards the spoon.

Gumming down food


Baby Bjorn

July 19 - William rolled over from his front to his back, and is obsessed with sitting up straight. He has better posture than his parents.

July 15 - One of the larger bipeds visited Mackinac Island.

Arch Rock


July 12 - we bought a new minivan, or babymobile. It's good news for Laser, as previous car rides meant taking the dog or the baby, but not both.

July 2 - William gummed down a mixture of apple mush and rice cereal. A week ago he had his first "solid" food, rice cereal in milk.

Rice cereal

Apple mush

June 22 - William went to a BYOB (bring your own baby) movie at the State. It's the first time we've ever gone to out a movie, then had lunch. Later, we took William to a swing at a local park, which he enjoyed immensely.

June 19 - A doctor visit, with jabs and screaming. He's now 16 lb 0 oz and 26 inches long.

June 18 - A half-birthday, six months old.

June 13 - William is now the only person we know with a really cute passport photo.

June 5 - William enjoyed seeing all his admirers, and receiving a vast quantity of loot. He'd say thank you, but you'll have to make do with "ooow".


June 4 - A party for William, with admirers arriving from all over.

June 1 - We had an early dinner at La Fiesta Mexicana. William started to rev up his screaming just as other diners started to arrive - a good time to leave. He's drooling more than usual - an imminent tooth is suspected.

May 30 - Some quality deck-sitting time. Anne received an Inker in the mail over the weekend, possibly the first person in Ann Arbor to get one.

William and his attendants
Anne and her Inker

May 28 - William met his two cousins for the first time.

Minor mauling - and William enjoyed it

May 27 - William is staying in a condo near Carnegie Mellon University. He went for a stroller ride around the campus.

Is that camera edible
Pittsburgh apartment

May 26 - William is in Pittsburgh, visiting his great-grandmother. It's his longest ever journey. Today, for the first time, he rolled over from lying on his front to his back. He was as surprised as we were.

Anne and William

May 19 - For the first time, William picked up a toy in both hands and lifted it to his mouth. We hope that you're impressed. William was babysat in the evening while his parents had a night out in Ypsilanti (WWDTM).

May 16 - William really likes his melodic bouncy chair. He makes a lot of quasi-word sounds to accompany the flashing and bonging.

The joy of beeping and bonging toys
Babies love repetitive electronic melodies

May 15 - William sometimes refuses to be held by a sitting person - he wants to be carried around to see all the action.

Bothered by canine
That's a big dog

May 14 - William received a box of toys and clothes from Elaine in Indiana.

Bothered by paparazzi
Hey - no pictures

May 8 - Today is Baby's Day. In fact, every day is Baby's Day.

Baby in sunshine
Out on the deck


William and Laser went on a slow amble/roll around the block.

May 7 - William is on a formula strike. He's now about 14 lb.

May 5 - We went on an actual date, after one of Anne's friends offered to baby-sit. We saw a movie (HHGTTG), and stayed out late (7 pm).

May 3 - William went to a Mother-Baby class, mainly to look at other babies, as he is already a professional baby and doesn't need classes.

April 24 - William is making a lot of babbling noises, and quickly gets impatient when held. He wants more baby action.

Outside, it snowed almost all day. Our tulips didn't bother to open.

Michigan spring

April 17 - William has a new bouncy chair, a gift from Anne's co-workers.

Tired from bouncing Maybe you should pick me up

April 12 - William visited a large local company for lunch in their cafeteria. He received his own security badge. Unfortunately, he exceeded the maximum one hour visiting time, and a security detail was dispatched to ensure that he left the building.

April 11 - William was practicing his crawling skills. He can cover several inches per minute.

Inching along

Rattling good time

April 10 - visited Gallup Park. We weren't the only people in Ann Arbor to have that idea.

Gallup Park
First park visit

April 9 - Lunch at a diner. Life must be returning to normal. More baby tears after he was scared by a loud noise.

April 8 - William grabbed something in one hand, then passed it to the other hand. You might not be impressed, but we were.

April 6 - first baby tears, after he wasn't fed quickly enough (by his own reckoning) after an initial warning wail. We felt guilty, and will certainly jump to it next time.

April 5 - William is now 11 lb 11 oz.

April 3 - Mirrors and dangling objects have suddenly become fascinating.

April 2 - William now yowls for his food, and bats things around in his crib. He could apply to be an honorary cat, though Laser wouldn't approve.

Mar 29 - William had his first lunch outing, in downtown Ann Arbor. Actually, his parents ate, and William sat by the table in his stroller sleeping. Later, William walked his big dog, Laser, for the first time, with some help from Anne.

Mar 27 - William visited the nurses at the St Joseph Mercy NICU, to show what an impressively big baby he is now.

Mar 27 - Baby's first Easter.

Hat with ears

Angelic baby

Mar 24 - Night of a thousand screams.

Mar 23 - Anne had some not-completely-bland food for dinner this evening.

Mar 22 - William's first non-medical related outing - he visited downtown Ann Arbor. It was all too exciting for him, so he remained resolutely asleep.

Mar 21 - William likes to be held, and squawks at length to be picked up from his crib.

How could you not pick me up?

Mar 20 - William can put away a surprising amount of food when he wants to.

Martial arts training at lunch

Mar 6 - William ate very well today. Just when we thought he couldn't stuff anything else into his belly, he started waving his arms around - More! More!

Feed me I said, feed me now, darn it

Mar 5 - William is now 8 lb 5 oz.

Learning to crawl

Mar 1 - William has 3 birthdays, his actual birthday on Dec 18, his effective birthday, corresponding to being brought home from the hospital on Feb 11, and his projected birthday based on his due date today. We use the effective birthday when random strangers ask how old he is.

Feb 21 - William made a rare excursion out of the house to see a doctor for four (4) immunization shots. Screaming ensued, quite justified. He is now 7 lb 4 oz.

Feb 20 - We bought a new HP printer and Kodak digital camera last week. In both cases, the hardware was magnificent, but accompanied by a CD packed with confounding, computer-destabilizing bloatware. However, we now have our computer back working properly again (if in doubt, uninstall), so updates should be more frequent again.

Feb 19 - William spends most of his day asleep lying on one or other parent, and the rest of the time feeding.

Feb 11 - William was released from the hospital and taken home. He was 6 lb 4 oz. We passed the "Car Seat Challenge", and got him safely strapped in.

Feb 6 - He's now 6 lb 0 oz.

Feb 5 - The feeding tube has gone. He's now taking everything by mouth under his own power. William has also recently passed his car seat test (enjoyed sitting in it), hearing test, and eye test. Anne has also been singing him lullabies.

Feed me or let me sleep

Feb 2 - A lively day followed by a quiet evening - a good trend.

Feb 1 - William is 5 lb 13.5 oz. He's working on his communicative noises (chortling and crying).

Jan 30 - William is now able to take most of his food under his own power. He's still working on sucking and breathing at the same time. He's now 2600 grams, or 5 lb 11 oz in patriotic Freedom Units.

Jan 29 - Apparently, if things go well, William could be sent home in a week or two. He's been taking an advanced pharmaceutical to help his breathing (caffeine), but this is going to be discontinued.

Jan 27 - The bottle feeding is going well.

Jan 23 - William is 5 lb 3.5oz. His personal evaluation report is as follows:

Jan 22 - William recovering after a busy day yesterday.

Jan 21 - A very busy day for William, including removal of the nasal cannula (again) and two bottle feedings.

Jan 20 - Williams first full bottle feeding. He sucked it right down.

Jan 18 - William is one month old today, and celebrated by being extremely hungry. We also finished painting his room a baby blue color. That might sound highly planned, but we've had the blue paint for a long time.

Jan 17 - William is now 4 lb 12.5 oz. Like most babies, he's either asleep or hungry.

Jan 16 - William has been promoted from an incubator to a regular crib. However, he still has breathing and oxygenation monitors. There's still some way to go before we have a cordless baby.

Jan 14 - He's now 4lb 6oz.

Jan 12 - William is now 4lb 3.5oz. He's on the verge of outgrowing his smallest (admittedly very small) preemie outfit.

Jan 11 - Everything seems to be going well.


Jan 10 - Unfortunately, the nasal cannula came back. The medical staff thought he was expending too much energy on breathing.

Jan 9 - The baby spent the day concentrating on resting and sleeping.

Jan 8 - William's feedings are going very well.

Jan 7 - William now has his own Social Security card, and today received a packet of information from the government.

Jan 6 - His nasal cannula has been officially removed. There had been several unofficial removals, when he pulled it out.

Diaper change Toes

Jan 5 - We lost electrical power during a winter storm. No problem - we have a nice, warm hospital to visit. William is now 3 lb 12.5 oz. The graph is upwards.

Jan 4 - William is now 3 lb 10 oz.

Snuggling down

Jan 3 - William is now 3 lb 9 oz.

William Stuart

Jan 1, 2005 - the baby has been moved to a less-intensive care part of the intensive care unit.

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