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Biped Report 2002

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December 31 - We celebrated New Years early in the evening, corresponding to some time zone off the east, probably Iceland, and went to sleep.

December 28 - Returned to Ann Arbor.

December 27 - visited Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca. We felt we needed a little outside air, 5 minutes worth seemed about right.

December 26 - Finished the bathroom wallpapering project.

Dogs can always help
Anne putting up the last piece of wallpaper

December 25 - Over a foot of snow fell, very festive in an extremity-freezing way.

Anne's parent's barn
Barn, Groton

December 22 - Started bathroom re-wallpapering at Anne's parents. This seemed like a good idea when we suggested it in May. A few minutes of scraping changed that opinion.

Feeling fuzzy
Feeling fuzzy after a big dinner

December 21 - On the way to Groton, NY. We stopped for lunch at a downtown mall in Cleveland, which was nearly deserted. Well, it was a slow time of year for shopping.

December 18 - Something bad happened to our home computer, so we've been slow to update.

December 4 - Tired of snow already. It's going to be a long winter. The temperature fell below zero, and that's in real Fahrenheit degrees, not those artificially-flavored, synthetic, bogus, affected French-accent Centigrade degrees.

December 3 - It snowed.

Nov 16 - went to an oboe recital at the University School of Music, part of our effort to find free things to do in Ann Arbor. After a break, about 30 oboe players crowded the stage and played "Attack of the Oboes", a deafening arrangement. That seemed like a good time to leave.

Nov 7 - Anne spent the evening painting children's tongues blue.

Nov 6 - Anne bought Laser a reflective tag, in a package labeled "Dog Tag", and bought Martin another reflective tag, labeled "Cat Tag".

Nov 5 - Saw the Moscow Ballet performing the Nutcracker at Eastern Michigan University. The costumes and performance were excellent, but the stage preparation and backdrop looked left over from amateur dramatics. We're looking forward to the sequel, Nutcracker II, Return of the Rodents.

Nov 3 - Visited a history of photography exhibition at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. There were some pre-1850 photographs that were surprisingly good, especially compared to the blurred rear end of a dog photos we produce today. (The front end of the dog often moves just out of shot as we take its photo.) Our favorite was a huge Ansel Adams photo.

Nov 2 - Another visit to the crane sanctuary (see below). Tried to record some of the wibbling noises the cranes make, but the recorder only picked up the sound of the icy cold wind blasting across the tundra. We left soon after the dog started shivering.

Oct 30 - Dinner at Bella Ciao to celebrate an anniversary. It's a very nice Italian restaurant in Ann Arbor. We also bought ourselves a new radio, styled in the form of the severed head of a giant blue insect. However, it came with a very useful remote control, and we chose function over form.

Oct 27 - visited the Haehnle crane sanctuary near Jackson. (Birds, not machinery). There are huge flocks which come home to roost about an hour before dusk. We arrived at dusk, so they were noisily settling in for the night.

Oct 26 - Finished a hall painting project which we started just under a year ago. The blue edging tape wasn't that ugly, so stayed around for a long time.

Aug 31 - visited Anne's relatives in Pittsburgh. Annoyed a cat (below).

I'll bite you if you take my photo again

August in Colorado
yes, that's frozen water

Aug 26 - Martin visited Colorado for the day. There was an impressive afternoon hailstorm (above), and the flight back loosened some fillings.

August 10 - 18 - Vacation in Washington State

Mount Rainier

July 26 - Scenes of devastation and destruction as our garage door failed. The frame came out of the runners, the frame bent, the door fell off the frame and bent, and the motor jammed. Fortunately, we have one car on the outside.

July 20 - Took Prof. Boffin and Laser on an exciting golf-cart tour of Kelleys Island.

July 19 - Went for a quick stroll along Ann Arbor's Art Fair, early in the morning before it opened. Went back later, when the crowds and heat had arrived in force, and distances seemed about 10 times longer. Prof. Boffin also compared the Law Quad with Oxford architecture, and thought that the Ann Arbor Quad didn't suffer from enough subsidence or leaning walls to be really like home.

July 17 - Visited by Carl Boffin, a professor-type chappie from Oxford, England. His first question: "Where's the Pimms?" We failed the hospitality test by not having a bottle, or even the little umbrellas he likes in his glass.

July 7 - We spent the day painting, and nearly finished our family room. Unfortunately, there is a domino effect at work. We had to paint this room because the bathroom renovation made it look drab. Now the new paint really brings out the stark ugliness of an adjoining room which a previous owner painted dirty pink. A colleague said it was probably dusty pink, but we would call it pink dinge, grimy pink, or pink depression.

July 4 - We went to see the Capitol Steps at the Power Center, and had ice-cream at The Top of The Park.


Pittsburgh from top of the Incline

June 28 - visited Anne's relatives in Pittsburgh. There was a great view from the Duquesne Incline. (Insider Tip - You can make an impression on locals with a self-assured pronunciation of Duquesne Incline - try Dew - Kwezz - nee Onk - Leen.)

Cover it with asphalt

June 16 - Martin visited California.


May 23 - Visited Paris.


May 10 - Visited England.


Mar 31 - Anne returns from Las Vegas.

Mar 28 - Anne visited Las Vegas.

Las Vegas

Mar 26 - Several inches of snow fell. In Michigan, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a very cold lion.

Mar 23 - Anne bought herself a digital camera, and stalked the wild amaryllis.

Monster Amaryllis
Monster Amaryllis
Red eye reduction didn't work

Anniversary Amaryllis

Mar 22 - Martin handed a parking ticket to an attendant and the electronic sign showed a charge of $890.00. You expect to be robbed by parking bandits in Ann Arbor, but that seemed a little excessive. Turned out it was a two-month old ticket.

Mar 9 - raced around the Biltmore estate, a chateau-like pile with an impressively high admission fee. It was an 80s retro-weekend for Anne and her friends, who played Trivial Pursuit in the evening.

Mar 8 - We spent a long weekend at a bed and breakfast in Asheville, which had an English garden theme. We think a garden is mainly for a dog to run round with, so we specialize in stomp-proof plants.

Mar 7 - headed south on U.S. highway 23 to Asheville, NC. The road became scenic south of Ohio. Kentucky calls route 23 the "Country Music Highway", naming various stretches after country stars such as Dwight Spittoon. The road went past the "Home Repo", where repossessed homes are towed. Met up with some of Anne's old college friends, and had pizza at the Barley's Tap Room in Asheville.

Mar 2 - Bug party in Columbus.

Mar 1 - set off with a car loaded with inflatable insects and bug toys. Anne was organizing a birthday party for Helvi in Columbus, and the theme is bugs.

Feb 13 - tried to watch the Winter Olympics on CBC, but the Canadians had declared a National Day of Bleating due to missing out on a skating gold medal.

Feb 4 - Anne called from San Diego, she was just about to go for a walk along the beach. My face was still tingling from cold after walking Laser across the wind-swept icy Michigan tundra.

Feb 2 - Anne left for San Diego on a business trip.


A2 now stands for Arborial Armageddon

Feb 1 - An ice storm and high winds combined to bring down tree branches (and in some cases, complete trees) throughout the neighborhood. Nearby, one tree fell missing a house by a few feet. The owner seemed very happy to avoid forced remodeling. The wind eventually blew most of the ice coating off the trees, and the sidewalks were crunchy with what looked like broken glass.

Jan 31 - Snow day - both Anne's employer and Dwayne State University (where Martin is now going) closed due to the overnight winter storm. There's about 8 inches of snow on the ground, coated with a layer of ice from freezing rain. Trees and bushes were all completely covered with a thin clear layer of ice, and some were bent over by the weight. We tried to back out of the driveway, and immediately got stuck in an icy rut. We then walked up the street to a local Thai restaurant for lunch, for hot soup and spicy food.

Jan 5 - Snowed again. Police lights flashed in front of our house after another driver failed to navigate the Bend of Doom and ran into the neighbors tree.

Jan 1, 2002 - Returned to Ann Arbor from Columbus.

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