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Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor

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We lived in Ann Arbor between February 2000 and February 2006.

$200,000 view
Flower city
Flower City

Amazing facts concerning Ann Arbor:

A light dusting of snow
A sunny winter's day is ideal for driving around

Lunch Downtown

Eating out in Ann Arbor is generally expensive. However, there's lots of choice, for example see our Ann Arbor Downtown Lunch Guide.

Local Parks

The unofficial dog park closed in Spring 2003. Ann Arbor's Dog Police will fine you $50 for a dog off leash. Compare that with a $25 fine for smoking pot. Presumably, it's a $75 fine if your dog is smoking pot while off leash.

Several official dog parks opened in fall 2007.

Evenings Out

Dress up for a visit to the Dog-o-Mat. Old clothes recommended.

Day Trips

Henry Ford Museum is huge, filled with cars, trains, and vacuum cleaners (but you scan skip those). Greenfield Village nearby is worth seeing, not that we've got round to it yet. Thomas Edison was born there at the same time as he was born in Milan, Ohio, quite an achievement but he was a very smart guy.

There are several car museums around here, with a small museum in downtown Ypsilanti that is a little less overwhelming than the Ford museum. Also close by was the Yankee Air Museum at Willow Run Airport, which was well worth a visit until it burned to the ground. They are now raising money for rebuilding.

Put In Bay, an Ohio island in Lake Erie, is good for a day or weekend trip. But Michiganders don't like to travel south into enemy territory, preferring the long haul up to Mackinac Island.

Anne told me what this was,
but I forgot

Hidden Lake Gardens in the Irish Hills area.

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